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Speed Racer

A funny thing happened on the way to the party supply store today…

I had just dropped off Griffin at school, which means I had T-minus 2 hours to run all my errands before I had to pick up Nathan at preschool. My phone rang, and it was my friend, Lara, who is 33 weeks pregnant and on her fourth week of bedrest with three more weeks to go. Her doctor told her today that she would not move up her c-section date because she wasn’t having any “problems” (aside from the fact that she will have been stuck in bed for 7 weeks) – so we were giggling and discussing the many colorful ways to induce labor once she is finally off bedrest…when what do my eyes see in my rearview mirror but flashing lights and a squad car.


I quickly got off the phone and pulled over, and then I had an enlightening discussion with the esteemed police officer. I come to find out that while I was engrossed in my conversation with Lara, I had in fact passed this police officer. BUT, he had not officially “clocked” me at any particular speed – he just knew that he was going the speed limit, and I was going faster. I honestly had no idea I was speeding. I was too busy talking on the phone.

Then he asks me if I knew the speed limit on this road – and how long I have lived at my current address. “You’ve lived here for almost four years, and you don’t know the speed limit?” Now, I truly believed it was higher than it actually is, but from the intersection where I turned and the point where he pulled me over, there is no speed limit sign – and I know that for sure. Mr. Policeman was “pretty sure” it was posted. (Um, show me where exactly?)

But it doesn’t end there. This is the best part. He told me that he was going the speed limit, and that “police officers always drive the speed limit, so if you pass one, that means you’re going too fast.”

What I thought: HAHAHA! Are you kidding me? The worst drivers I have EVER seen are cops! Especially in Houston.

I didn’t actually say anything – I just looked at him and nodded. What a joke.

Thankfully, Mr. Highly Respected and Absolutely Clueless Policeman let me off with a warning…I imagine because he didn’t have hard-core data to prove that I was actually speeding.

Lesson to be learned: don’t talk on the phone while you are driving, and don’t ever pass a police officer.


2 thoughts on “Speed Racer

  1. You got off lucky!!In our neck of the woods, it’s now illegal to talk on a hand-held cell phone in a school zone and the police are lying in wait every afternoon. I live in a paranoid state during daylight hours.I think the officer just saw you laughing and wanted to find out why!

  2. Ugh–cops make me sooooo mad sometimes! Shouldn’t he be pulling over erratic or crazy drivers? Or stopping a real crime? He should NOT be pulling someone over who passed his “super-ego” self. As you can tell, I have an issue with policemen…I’m glad you only got a warning. I have never gotten a warning in my life. Probably has something to do with my very poor attitude toward the men in blue…..Jen

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