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Babies, babies, babies…

I’ve mentioned my friend, Lara, a couple of times – she’s about 33 weeks and on strict bedrest, but we pulled her out of bed long enough this morning for a baby shower. She already has two sweet boys, and this baby is a GIRL! You can imagine all the excitement and all the pink!

I think just about everyone gave Lara baby girl clothes – and they were all adorable. And the hairbows!! We all oooh’d and aaaah’d over everything. Our little shower “activity” was stenciling burp cloths with princesses and flowers and butterflies. Girls are so fun!

I was thinking that it is a very good thing that I am about to have two nephews instead of two nieces (Meghan would heartily disagree)…because otherwise, we would go broke. 🙂 At our last MOPS meeting yesterday, we had a silent auction, and I couldn’t help but snatch up a couple of precious little baby things for Jackson. Michael is threatening to put me on a nephew budget. I just can’t help myself – I can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “Babies, babies, babies…

  1. How fun! The stenciled burpcloths are really cute … what a great idea for a shower activity.Tell Meghan I was the only girl among all my cousins on one side and it reaped many rewards! She has a very special and distinct place.(and I’m loving all your posts lately!)

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