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This chick needs flicks

So Michael leaves for an 11-day trip to Vietnam this week. I have my Ben & Jerry’s, but now I need some entertainment! Here’s what happened back in September during his first trip: dinner at 6:00, kids in bed at 7:30, and Brain Dead Mama takes a shower and crawls into bed with a carton of B&J (or peanut M&Ms) and the portable DVD player loaded with a cinematic feature of the female persuasion.

It was so much fun! (not that I didn’t miss my husband…but I had to pass the time somehow!)

Chick flicks are my impulse-buy weakness, so I have quite a collection for on-call nights and late nights. Here’s what I have:

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Fools Rush In
Return to Me
Maid in Manhattan
Sleepless in Seattle
When Harry Met Sally
27 Dresses
Anne of Green Gables collection
13 Going on 30
Anywhere But Here
The Notebook
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
A Walk to Remember
Where the Heart Is
(haven’t seen that one yet)

I think that’s all. But Michael has promised me that we’re going to revisit the Netflix queue when he comes home (translation: more manly movies), so I need to get in all the estrogen-fueled flicks that I can while he’s gone!

So what are your favorites? What do I need to watch next week?


6 thoughts on “This chick needs flicks

  1. I liked “The Holiday” with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black.I also like an old 70’s movie with Ryan O’Neal called “Love Story”. Matt HATES it! It is sort of cheesy since it is from that era, but a real tear-jerker and sooooo romantic!

  2. You listed a bunch of my faves … oooh, I love The Holiday too! Also love Serendipity, The Spitfire Grill and Stealing Home … I can hear the soundtrack now.

  3. I LOVED 27 Dresses. I just rented again and it is the ULTIMATE chick flick.The Notebook is one fof the most amazing, romantic, heart-tugging movies ever!! I LOVE the kiss in the rain- it rocks!!You cannot miss out on these!! :)If you come to Rockwall this week to see your parents, call me!!!!!!

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