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One down, ten to go…

Michael has reported back from Vietnam, and he’s there safely and ready to get to work. Please keep him and the team in your prayers this week. Michael will mainly be serving by giving lectures to ophthalmologists in Hanoi, doing vision screenings in two different orphanages (often giving these kids – and adults – the first pair of glasses they’ve ever had), and going to some different planning meetings to keep the long-term projects moving in the right direction. Here are some specific things to pray for:

  • his health and protection
  • God’s anointing on all his meetings and encounters with the government officials and doctors and with others in the marketplace that they are building relationships with
  • the health and protection of the kids and me

This is a little of what he said in his email:

The flights were fine and we got in OK, tired but not too bad. Unfortunately, one of the girls lost her passport between flights in Tokyo. She didn’t realize it until we were on the flight to Hanoi. So ultimately, they found the passport and are sending it on a flight today but they made her stay in the terminal last night. Kathy stayed with her while we went on to the hotel.

Then our hotel didn’t have any rooms so we ended up in another hotel a few blocks away and got to bed about 12:30. I slept pretty well and was up at 7:15 and ready to go. It ended up that our original plans to go out to the orphanage 2 hrs away today so Holly and Kathy being at the airport doesn’t change our plans. They should get the passport about 2:30 this afternoon and be back with us.

Sherman (our church’s pointman in Vietnam) met us at the airport and is going to meet us to go over to the GVI (Glocal Ventures – the NGO based from our church) office and have a planning meeting. Other than that, we’re pretty free today. We’ll exchange money, get backpacks, try to see some of the people we saw last time, etc.

The kids and I are doing pretty well at home. I’m tired (but I’m always tired!), and Griffin is worried about Daddy, but overall we’re doing well. The biggest difference in his being gone is obviously the nighttime, especially between the hours of 5:00 and 8:00. I am very, very blessed to have a husband who really helps out around the house as much as he can, and I’m noticing in a big way all that he really does since I’m having to do it all by myself this week!

For example (and this is what I’ve noticed just in two days!):

getting the morning paper
unloading the dishwasher
pouring the kids’ milk before dinner
giving baths
putting at least one child to bed
taking out the trash
folding the laundry
putting away the clean clothes
picking up the family room
helping to clean up the kitchen
knowing what to tell the Scott’s Lawncare guy when they call and want to do additional treatments
paying the bills
helping me put the clean sheets on the bed

I’m so thankful for all that he is and all that he does. He truly is the most incredible husband and dad! I miss him, but I’m so proud of his obedience to serve God and the people of Vietnam with the gifts that God has given him.

I’ll update as I hear more from him! Thanks for your prayers.


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