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Friday update from Vietnam

Just a few notes of explanation:

Dyanne is an opthalmic tech (an assistant to a pediatric ophthalmologist who has special training in taking measurements for kids), and this is her first trip. Michael was a little nervous about her knowledge of retinoscopy (couldn’t tell you what that is), but it sounds like she did fine.

The “SS3” and “SS4” are orphanages.

Chris King is a local family doc who goes to our church and saw a patient in Vietnam when he went a few years ago – Michael is following up with him to see how he’s doing.

CBM= Christian Blind Mission.

Lao Cai is the province Michael went to last September, but for some reason, the ministry of health didn’t give the proper approval for him to go back this time, so he’s staying in Hanoi while the rest of the group goes up there.

We need a new suitcase. The zipper broke at 11 p.m. on the Monday night before he left on Tuesday morning, so he was scrambling to repack his bags! Just one of those things.

We had a good day. Between the kids and the adult staff at SS4 we screened 99 and gave out or wrote a prescription to be filled for 24 kids and staff. Kathy did health and hygiene training and all went relatively smoothly, despite the fact that the headmaster who they had made all the plan with wasn’t there today. We ate near SS4 for lunch and had some good time with the GVI staff at lunch and on the drive.

Tomorrow we get to start a little later and will go to SS3 and see children and hopefully some elderly as well. Dyanne did a great job with the retinoscopy today so she’ll have no trouble tomorrow. I forgot to mention that this morning I realized that when I moved everything from the big suitcase after the zipper broke, I had forgotten that the eye charts were in the big outside pocket and I didn’t move them. Thankfully, that didn’t change our plans very much. Instead of screening them first and Dyanne or me only checking the ones who were worse than 20/40, we did retinoscopy on all of them. It worked out fine.

Tomorrow night is when the rest of the team will head to Lao Cai and I’ll head over to the GVI guest house. I will miss being with the gang but am looking forward to a little personal time and hanging out with Sherman, Becky, and their cute kids. I’ll have a meeting with a CBM person and see a kid that Chris King had seen a few years ago on Sunday and then do lectures and assist with surgery on Monday and Tuesday so I think that I’ll be relatively busy. But I should still have some time to rest and read.


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