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Latest from Vietnam

Sounds like things are going well so far! A few background notes to make more sense of Michael’s email below:

Much of their ministry involves meeting shop owners and other people and getting to know them. They take a picture with them, then give the picture to the next person going on the next trip, and then they find that shop owner and continue building the relationship. It’s pretty cool. One girl who now works for GVI became a Christian as a result of this relationship-building, and now she works with them.

Minh Son is a famous Vietnamese artist who just recently visited the U.S. and was part of the art walk in Southlake a few weeks ago. He came to our church that Sunday, too.

The kids and I are doing fine (though the boys were in bed at 7:00 tonight because…well, because I needed them to be. Their normal bedtime is at 8:00, but whining and arguing have a way of draining Mama. The Love and Logic response is, “Wow, you are really fussy. You must be so tired. I guess you need to go to bed early tonight.” Gotta love Love & Logic. But other than that, the walls are still standing and the kids are still alive and I still have a pulse.

Please keep praying for Michael and the team. Pray also for Griffin – not just the behavior things (though if you think about it, that would be great!), but he’s really worried about Daddy, especially at night. Pray that God would use this time to teach Griffin who He is and how much He loves and takes care of us.


Thanks for the note. Sorry that I didn’t get to e-mail yesterday evening. The computers were all taken when we got back to the hotel last night and we were getting up early today so I went ahead and crashed about 9:30.

We ended up having a really good day. Andy took us around to change money and do some shopping. I got a nice backpack (North Face) and got one for Meghan and for Griffin. Griffin’s is a mini-north face one and Meghan’s is more feminine but nice. Now I just hope that don’t argue over more zippers, etc. I also got a couple of pretty silk ties and two more paintings, small Minh Son knock offs, from the same art shop as last year. Unfortunately, the guy I met that worked there wasn’t there. Maybe I’ll get a chance to check back later. We did see another store owner that we know and got to sit down and talk with her for a while. We’ll probably have one more day with some free/shopping time at the end of the trip, but most of the rest of our time is spoken for. Are there any other things that you would want me to get?

We went over to GVI office and met with Sherman and the gang. There is a new full-time person, Tim, and 2 translators, Peter who is a law student, and Ngaup, who was an exchange student that stayed with Kathy a few years ago. We went over things and had a nice lunch, Minh Son actually joined us for lunch and took Andy to the airport to meet Holly and Kathy. Holly got her passport fine and they got back and got some rest. Last night we ate around here and headed to bed early.

Now we’re up early and leaving to go to SS4 to do glasses screening and health and hygiene. It’s a 2 hour van ride so it will be a long day but good time with the whole team. We will go to SS3 tomorrow which is near the GVI office and do the same thing.


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