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Poof! goes the plan

My idealized vision of estrogen-fueled seclusion has evaporated.

My DVD player is broken.

My one nightly activity that keeps me sane when Michael is gone is putting the kids to bed and curling up in my own bed with a chick-flick and a carton of Ben & Jerry’s. But, alas, no more.

Two nights ago, I was watching Anywhere But Here (Natalie Portman and Susan Saradon), and on the very last scene of the movie, the DVD player froze up. The DVD was scratched, and I spent 15 minutes trying to find out what happens before I gave up and went to bed (still don’t know how the movie ends. Aargh.)

Then last night, I was watching The Notebook, and in the middle of the movie, the same thing happened again. So I took the DVD player in to Best Buy this afternoon, hoping they would replace it because it’s less than a year old, but they were told by the manufacturer to send it in for repair. “How long does that usually take?” I politely asked. “About ten days,” was the reply.


So now I have to watch my chick flicks and eat my ice cream in the family room, then make the long and arduous trek to my bedroom when I am ready to go to sleep.

Poor me.


3 thoughts on “Poof! goes the plan

  1. I almost have sympathy for you but I know the layout of your home, and I think those ten steps will be manageable! 🙂 Sorry about the dashed dreams.

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