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Vietnam update and a TERRIFIC surprise!

I woke up this morning and had this email from Michael. Then when I was driving Meghan to her dance rehearsal this morning, my cell phone rang, and it was MICHAEL! (glad I didn’t have a wreck or pass another cop.) There is a Vonage phone at the GVI guest house where he is staying that will make calls to the U.S. for the same rate as a domestic call. WOOO-HOOO! He sounded really good and is having a great experience there.

Here is his earlier email with an update on the work they are doing:

We had a really good day at SS3. We screened only a few kids but a lot of adults. A lot had bad cataracts so we may see how we can fund them to have cataract surgery. We still gave away a good number of glasses. We finished by lunch so we had lunch with the GVI staff and now are back at the hotel. I’m heading out walking with Kathy and Missy and then we’ll have a nice dinner tonight before they head for the train and I head over to the GVI guest house. I found out there will be a group from a church in Virginia that will be staying there on Saturday night so I’ll be sharing a bunkbed with someone. They head out on Sunday so it will be quieter after that.

Thanks for your prayers this week for all of us!


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