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Trying really REALLY hard not to be bitter…

I haven’t had many email updates from Michael because he was able to call twice a day on Saturday thru Tuesday morning (right before this). But he left the GVI guest house on Tuesday night and took a wonderful little side trip with the team. Yay for him. He’s back at the hotel in Hanoi now and will leave midnight on Friday (noon Friday our time) and get home Saturday morning.

I got back over to the hotel uneventfully on Tues. night and everyone arrived safely from the train on Wed. We got on the bus a little after 8 for the 3 hour trip to Halong Bay. Once there we got on our junk boat (I’ve got tons of pictures). It was really neat. Just 6 rooms so we were the only ones on the boat. Our rooms were on the lower level (similar to our cruise cabin but not quite as fancy). The dining room was on the second level. We had great food. Lots of seafood, crab, fish, squid, shrimp, clams,etc. It was very nice with white table cloth and linen napkins. I even had 2 glasses of wine with one of the meals!! On the top was a sun deck.

The bay was very cool with over 1900 small rocky islands. We toured a very cool cave and got to swim through a cave to a secluded lagoon (to begin the swimming we jumped 20 ft from the sundeck of the boat. We took a small tour on a row boat this morning before heading back to the dock. After the trip back we hit the streets to finish of shopping (I hope that you will be pleased)and for the girls to pick up their dresses.

Sherman and I went to dinner with the lady whose daughter I saw. We ate in their home. Great homemade Vietnamese food.

Two more days.


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