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Kindergarten Graduation

(This one is especially for you, Matthew Weldon!)

Here we are again. It truly does seem like yesterday that we were doing this for preschool. But quite honestly, in the state I’m in this week, it wasn’t sad at all. Frankly, I’m am relieved that this school year is almost over. Griffin’s school does 1/2-day kindergarten, and it just about killed me. Between all of Meghan’s 9 year old drama, dealing with a three year old, and being in the car 19 times a day, I am ready to put this year to bed.

Having said all of that (quite cynical, aren’t I?), I am proud of Griffin. He had a great year, and he has grown up a lot. Most days. Kindergarten has a way of doing that.

Their program was really cute. They sang a couple of songs (the best is below), got their “diplomas,” and the teachers talked about how special all the kids are. (For as jaded as I am this week, I do have to say that Miss Rhodes has been phenomenal. She is so loving and patient with those kids!) My mom came out to see it, and Meghan “Please Give Me Something To Do” Hunt ran the sound. We took both kids home after the program, and my mom took them out for ice cream.

Great end to a great marathon year!


3 thoughts on “Kindergarten Graduation

  1. Jen,I am glad you enjoyed the “graduation”. I just sat through another high school graduation(lovely as always). At least they don’t let kindergartners give speeches (brutal as usual). I hope you have fun at the 1st grade graduation next year. Thanks for the shout out!Matt

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