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Wii’re all in this together

These pictures just don’t do it justice. Watching my kids play Wii Fit is one of the most fun, entertaining, hysterical things we’ve ever done! The lighting for these pictures isn’t great (I have got to take a photography class sometime), but you can get the general idea. I just may have to attempt some video footage at a later date. But for now, use your imagination…

Nathan doing the Half-Moon yoga pose. It’s hard to see it in this picture, but he has his fingers laced with his forefinger pointed up, just like the yoga “trainer” on the program.

Lunges…he got a perfect score!

Griffin heading soccer balls and dodging soccer cleats

Griffin and Nathan jogging through “Wii Island.” The technology on this game astounds me. Since you can’t jump on the Wii Balance Board (bad, very bad), you put the Wii remote in your pocket, and the wireless signal picks up your movement. The goal is to run at a steady pace, but both of the boys prefer running as fast as they can. Go figure.

Again, not great lighting, but you can see the screen best in this picture. Michael is skiing through gates (it’s called slolum, but Blogger and I don’t know how to spell it!)

Nathan and Michael doing lunges together. (Anyone remember the Friends episode when Joey puts on every piece of clothing that Chandler owns?!?)

I’ll have to get more pictures of Meghan doing the hula hoops. She was reading about the Holocaust while we were Wii’ing. She’s trying to squeeze in one more independent research project on Ann Frank before the last day of school. But she is the family Hula Hoop Champion!


2 thoughts on “Wii’re all in this together

  1. Oh my gosh – I have to get that tomorrow!!!!! That looks like so much fun!! Looks like you are all happy that Daddy is home again!:)

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