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Field Day!

Meghan’s school hosted Field Day today. Remember those? It was an all-day party! They signed yearbooks, watched a magician, ate a picnic lunch, and competed in fun outdoor games. She was hot and sweaty and exhausted when she came home, but she had a blast!

I have promised her I would not go into great detail publicly – but sufficed to say that this year, particularly the beginning of the year, was very difficult, and Meghan faced many new challenges – many of which were heartbreaking. She pulled through, though, with the help and nurturing of a phenomenal teacher and the best school staff on the planet. She is now my happy little girl again – and I have never been so thankful to have a silly, giggly nine year old girl!

So these pictures probably mean more to me than to you, but I love seeing that huge grin and seeing her arm-in-arm with her friends. It melts my heart and makes me so thankful for God’s faithfulness to our family and the ways He is preparing Meghan for great and wonderful things. More than that, she knows it. She has learned so much about God’s sovereignty and presence and care for her through all the hard stuff she had to experience.

I promised Michelle (who took these pictures since I was at home with the boys) that I would juxtapose the sweaty tomboy pics with the pretty ballerina pics. I take no credit for this great idea! (fantastic potential for a scrapbook page, y’think?)

In other lovely news (and I include this only because I know I have several readers who live in my area) some scumbag piece of dirt tried to lure my kids into a car today while they were walking home, not even a block from their school. Pretty brazen scumbag. Meghan didn’t seem fazed by it, though – she didn’t even tell me about it until two hours later, and it was “oh, by the way…” She got a pretty good description of the sleezebag, and she immediately got Griffin and the other girl who was with them and ran off in the other direction. I filed a police report, and the officer who came out to the house to talk to the kids was pretty impressed with their response. We’ve talked some at home, and the school has done a great job of talking to the kids, too, so they weren’t unprepared. I’m not as scared as I am pi**ed off. How dare you.

**UPDATE** I should have included this info earlier: White man, late 20s-early 30s, bald. Car was red, older model, possibly 4-door, dirty. There were actually two men in the car. The one that spoke to the kids was in the passenger seat, and she couldn’t see the driver.

Ugh. With all the nastiness in the world, I wish Jesus would hurry up and come back for us.


3 thoughts on “Field Day!

  1. Oh No how scary!!!! I am so glad they did the right thing. What kind of car? THANK GOD they are ok. You must be so irate. I’ll pass the word.Suzanne

  2. Oh my goodness! I talk to my kids about that too, but it’s still something that you think will happen somewhere else. What a great job you guys are doing as parents!

  3. Wow – I hate that that happened to your kiddos but I’m so thankful they reacted so smartly and that God protected them.So neat to hear that Meghan’s year was filled with evidence of God’s faithfulness to her … what a great blessing in the midst of struggle. I’m sure it has and will increase her faith.

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