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Getting our bearings…

The kids got out of school on Tuesday this week, and I have been surprised at how out-of-synch I feel. The school year schedule was nuts, but at least it was a schedule! So we’re readjusting. I’m trying to get used to having all three kids with me all day long. All. Day. Long. Every day. All the time.

After their early dismissal on Tuesday, we ate lunch and went to the pool. This is HUGE for us this year – Griffin can finally swim well enough that I don’t have to stay with him every second, which means that I can actually take all three kids to the pool by myself. Nathan puts on his life vest and I follow him around while the big kids take off by themselves and check in with me to let me know where they’re going. Aaaahhhh…summer. And sunburn. Yep, first day out and three of the four of us get fried, even with the sunscreen slathered on. Griffin is my Brown Boy (the only place that could have come from is my dad’s side of the family. Everyone else is pale Norwegian white), so he already has a nice little tan going. Meghan, Nathan & I are just red. Ouch. So I’ll be sporting the strapless bra and tank top for a while.

I had to reschedule the time for Meghan’s piano lesson since she will have swim team practice at the same time as her previous piano lesson. I’m looking at my calendar thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding me! This is supposed to be SUMMER VACATION!” Somehow there were only a few select times that worked. How in the world is that possible? They both have camps next week, but hopefully after that, we can settle into something of a routine – or a non-routine.

I have completed the “daily summer checklist” so the kids can stay on top of chores between all the imaginative play and physical exercise they will do. (insert sly, sarcastic grin) Meghan is learning to do laundry this summer. Her responsibility will be washing the sheets and towels each week. She’s very excited about having added responsibility (and the extra allowance helps, too!). I heard something recently that said that a child’s “self esteem” does not come from success in easy things, but instead from trying hard things, regardless of success. I’m reading a book right now called Do Hard Things, which is actually written for teenagers, but I’m finding it fascinating. I’m hoping to write an entire blog entry about it after I finish reading. Really good stuff.

I turn 35 this summer. Scheduled my first mammogram yesterday.

We’re meeting with builders! It’s so exciting!!! We’re hoping to get their bids soon, make a decision, break ground around Thanksgiving, move in next summer. It’s going to be a busy, busy year. But we’re really pumped about getting started and creating a home that is the culmination of years and years of dreaming.

So this has been a pretty random post, but I’m feeling pretty random this week. Our life doesn’t have the sense of order that we’re used to…but we’re getting there. Now I’m off to eat lunch that my kids are preparing for me because they want to go to the pool this afternoon – either they are sucking up or they’re trying to hurry everything along so we can get there sooner. Either way, I don’t have to fix lunch! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Getting our bearings…

  1. Come on Jen, where is the line up of sunburn and little tan boy pictures? ;)We are two days out of school and I don’t know if my kids are driving me crazy because they are actually here all day or if it is because I am 10 days into single parenting. Talk about adjustments!! You know what I mean! If I hear one more tattle or little girl scream…my head is going to explode! Maybe that is the sinus infection talking. Anyway, my kids are watching my head carefully to see what happens! Adrianne actually said “I don’t want your head to blow up!”Off to church for some peace and nourishment–I hope!Love ya, can’t wait to see ya!Gretch

  2. Question–Are we supposed to get mammograms starting at age 35 now? I didn’t think we needed to get a mammogram until age 40. I turned 35 last month and hadn’t even thought about getting a mammogram for 5 more years. I feel O-L-D!!!! Yikes!

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