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The Metaphor of Redwood Stain

We got up early this morning with a determined purpose of restaining our playset. (okay, Michael got up early. I slept for one more hour and then joined him. You know how I love my bed.) We’ve had this playset for 3 1/2 years, and it is great, but the Texas sun has done a number on the wood, and if we want to keep it around for the remainder of our kids’ childhoods, then we needed to do some preventative maintenance.

The morning was actually really nice. The sun rises in our front yard, so the backyard is nice and cool in the mornings (who knew?!?). The directions on the paint can said not to apply when it is 90 degrees or above…so our time was limited! The kids were inside eating breakfast and watching TV, so Michael and I turned on some music and enjoyed the cool, quiet morning.

I’ve been thinking lately about having “the mind of Christ” (I Corinthians 2:16) and what that looks like in my daily life. For me, as a writer, it means finding God in everyday circumstances. I fully believe that God, as Creator, uses metaphor to reveal Himself to us – and this morning, in the quiet backyard and the smooth swish-swish rhythm of a paintbrush, I found Him.

Take a look at this wood. The unpainted wood is dry and brittle and worn, and it is in desperate need of nourishment and protection. So it is with my soul. I just as desperately need the Word and the transformative Spirit to renew me and protect me.

Sometimes, there are things and circumstances that threaten that renewal…

(we did get a few sprinkles, but thankfully the heavy rain has held off!)

YIKES! There were two of these (but no more)! Yellowjackets are cool when they are on your high school letter jacket, but not on your kids’ playset. I think I’ll stay far away from that little Stingerette. (that’s funny only to my fellow Rockwall-ites)

With some perseverance and a lot of prayer, the end result is (as my mother would say) GOOOORRRRGEOUS.

So there’s my thought for the day. I hope you and I can both slow down enough to find the artful metaphors in our daily existence.

what do you think?

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