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Trickle down

In the news this week was an announcement of city budget shortfalls, mostly because of the declining economy and rising gas prices. There is talk of municipal job cuts, but I think they have a secret solution as well. Consider this:

  • Oil production cannot match demand
  • Gas prices increase
  • Cities do not have enough budgeted money to fill their tanks and pay their bills
  • A literal swarm of motorcycle police officers stake out a service road
  • A hurried and inattentive minivan driver goes 50 in a 35 and is pulled over, along with about 5 other hurried and inattentive drivers
  • Said drivers each receive a $165 speeding ticket
  • Aforementioned shortfall budget is therefore a little closer to being met.

Dang it. Cursed oil production.


what do you think?

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