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The Myth of Summer Vacation

I know I was just complaining last week about how out-of-sorts I was with the kids being home for the summer and how I needed a daily schedule…but DANG! This is ridiculous! This week has been nuts. I thought this was supposed to be vacation?!?

Every morning this week, my friend, Michelle, picks up Meghan at 8:00 and drops off her son, Branden, then takes Meghan to Music Camp, along with Michelle’s daughter, Madison. (They go everyday from 8-5, learn a musical to perform this weekend, play games, do crafts, eat twice, and have an overall great time…all for $75!!) Forty-five minutes later, I take Griffin and Branden to Basketball Camp. Then either Michelle or I pick up the boys at noon – and we’ve been trading off taking both boys back to our home for lunch and playtime until 3:00. Two days this week, Griffin has had soccer (1 day of practice and 1 game) at 5:00, and Meghan has swim team practice (everyday) at 5:00. I’m still not sure how we swung that. You call that vacation???

So I think, okay – it’s just one week. And it is. But then I realized that every other day of the week for the first half of the summer, we have somewhere to go. Mondays: swim meets and soccer practice. Tuesdays: women’s Bible study (which I am totally pumped about – we’re doing the new Beth Moore study on Psalms), swim practice. Wednesdays: soccer practice and swim practice. Thursdays: Kick-My-Butt strength training class at the gym, piano practice, swim practice. Fridays: swim practice (aah! a reprieve!)

I have a blog entry swimming in my head that is a combination of two books I have read so far this summer: Confessions of a Slacker Mom and Do Hard Things. Quite the dichotomy. It will come soon, I promise. And it will deal with overscheduling your kids. Maybe I can learn from myself.

The good news is that I have scheduled a babysitter for every Wednesday afternoon this summer so I can run errands and recharge from All. That. Time. with my adorable offspring. Yesterday was my first afternoon “off,” and man it went by fast! But it was great, and my kids love love love this sitter, so it’s definitely a win-win.

I’m off to stock up on Blue Bell. Albertson’s has it on sale this week, and all this craziness has left me with a hankerin’. But before I dash off, here are some pics from the week so far:


2 thoughts on “The Myth of Summer Vacation

  1. Blue Bell is my absolute favorite ice cream – good thing they sell it in Georgia! I just wanted to let you know that you can register at bluebell.com and print a $1 off coupon every 30 days!! That means if you use your coupon when the stores have it on sale you can walk away with a gallon for around $2.80 – an excellent price for blue bell!

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