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Say it with Shoes

I’m at it again. I have cleaned out twenty (TWENTY!) large totes of baby clothes, and I have decided that I don’t want to move them next summer when we (hopefully) move into our new home. Since we have two nephews on the way, I am saving most of the boys’ clothes for them, but I have decided that all of the girl clothes must go. I refuse to hold on to twenty boxes of clothes in hopes of someday having a niece. I’m sure if I do ever have a niece, I will buy her more (brand-new) clothes than she will have time to wear.

I have been surprisingly unemotional about pulling out all of these outfits and stirring up my memories of Meghan as a baby, a toddler, a kindergartner. Don’t think me too callous. I get like this when I’m cleaning out. I just want all the unnecessary stuff out of my house and put to good use somewhere else. I have lots of great memories and three shelves full of scrapbooks to help me remember.

During my cleaning out, I came across a very large tote full of shoes, and decided that these, too, must leave my house. I set them all out on a table tonight, arranged by size, and the image startled me a little. There in front of me was my daughter’s life so far, from size 0 to 13 1/2.

Wow. I may just be having a little bit of a sentimental moment.

Hold on. Wait…


There. Whew. It passed.

OK, haul it away, boys!

(if you live in the D/FW area and would like to rummage through and purchase my ten totes of girl clothes, sizes newborn to 8, email me at jenniferhunt73@verizon.net and I can give you more info!)


3 thoughts on “Say it with Shoes

  1. Ah man! I wish I lived closer to you (for more reasons than hand-me-downs too)….I have all of Grace’s clothes and shoes downstairs in totes too. I can’t part with any of it yet. Still holding out hope for a 2nd baby. We’ll see…

  2. Those shoe photos will make a great scrapbook layout!I’d love to go through your girly clothes but Lila has more clothes than she can ever wear (thanks to hand-me-downs from friends) so I’m going to pass. Hope I don’t regret it.

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