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Stop…hear that?

…it’s the sound of SILENCE.

My house is eerily quiet.

Kinda nice.

Nathan is (supposedly) napping, Griffin is at a friend’s house, and Meghan is at an undisclosed location through this week at her first sleep-away camp. My life – for the moment – is exponentially more simple.

I’m not going to publish on the internet where my daughter is “camping” – even though I know most of my readers are close family and friends – there are just too many weirdos out there who could stumble across that juicy bit of information. I’ll tell you more about it when she is safely back home, but let’s just say for now that unairconditioned cabins and bunk beds will be an enormous let-down after this week!

This is the longest that my baby has been away from home and on her own, so to speak. We’ve talked to her every night, and she is having a blast! I think this experience has been such a confidence-booster for her. She was a little nervous about going, but really more excited than scared. It’s turning out to be a wonderful experience – and definitely a “hard thing” for her to overcome.

Griffin, however, is a wreck. He cried when we got there, he cried when we left, he’s had moments of moping around at home. He really misses his big sister…which is funny and heartwarming all at the same time. They haven’t been exactly loving and kind towards each other lately! But that’s my tenderhearted middle child for ya. I hope he remembers how much he is missing her once she’s back home.

As for me, I miss her, but it’s so fun to talk to her each night and hear about everything she’s doing and hear the confidence in her voice. And I’m REALLY glad that I didn’t have a swim meet to go to at 8:00 this morning, and that my van will log significantly fewer miles this week with fewer practices and lessons on our calendar. It’s kinda nice, and good to remember that this will be our pace for the second half of the summer.

Now I’m off to enjoy my piece of quiet while it lasts…


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