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A few observations…

  • Six year old middle child will take on the role of the eldest child when the actual eldest child is away at camp, thus leading to a more responsible, more respectful, more obedient (for the most part) middle child. Glory be.
  • Getting down on your knees to talk eye-to-eye with an obstinate three year old is an EXTREMELY effective parenting method. We learned this in a parenting study we’re doing with our team. It’s almost magical. And it’s worked for at least three families from our team with obstinate three year olds. Instant obedience. Most of the time.
  • 6:45 a.m. is a very early hour to talk to your nine year old before she heads off to camp breakfast, but you do it because you love her and you’re so proud of the confidence she is growing into. Then you attempt to go back to sleep.
  • Summertime in Texas often requires two showers each day.
  • Kids do crazy, stupid things during the summertime that injure their eyes and cause your pediatric ophthalmologist husband to run himself ragged during his week on-call. Please keep all frisbees, BB guns, paintballs, sticks, and fireworks away from your children. We’re tired.
  • Costco is full of really friendly people. I think we’re all just so happy to be there that we can’t help being cheerful and chatty.

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