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Fourth Fun at Maxieland

We made our annual trek to Cameron on Friday for the Morgan family cookout. The Morgans are the parents of my college roommate, Holly, and Michael and I have gone to their house every summer since we were first married (minus the years in Iowa). We have pictures of us with Meghan when she was five months old!

There is no description that does justice to the Morgan’s backyard (a.k.a. “Maxieland”). When Holly was engaged to Derek, her dad, Maxie, retreated to the backyard (we’re assuming he was trying to escape the wedding planning), and started building. I don’t even remember what came first, but the end result – twelve years later – is a 9-hole putt-putt course, a western town, a gazebo, a playhouse, a covered patio, and oh yes, a Cinderella castle. It is AMAZING.

My kids talk about our trips to Maxieland throughout the year, and they are practically giddy when we tell them we’re going back. They have such a great time! This year was especially fun because they’re all old enough to run around and play without their parents having to follow them around…so Holly and I spent most of the day in the air conditioned enclosed patio! The Morgans had TWO waterslides for the kids this year, both of which were a huge hit.

After we had eaten too much, laughed a lot, and chatted endlessly, we finally headed back home about 8:30. We took the traditional front yard picture with our bigger-than-last-year kids (we say every year that we’re going to take the picture in the morning before everyone is tired and sweaty, but we never do). I went back inside to get some water and my plate of cookies, and when I came back out, Maxie and Derek were polishing the side of our van to take off the scratches! Yep, Holly, I think we married “keepers.”

Thank you, Morgans, for another WONDERFUL July 4th celebration! We love you!


3 thoughts on “Fourth Fun at Maxieland

  1. So glad you all were able to come to Maxieland to celebrate the 4th! It is more fun every year, since our children don’t need us to follow their every move! I don’t know about your 3, but my two girls slept VERY well that night. :)Looking forward to next year!Holly 🙂

  2. It was a joy to have your family at Maxieland to celebrate the 4th! Your family is very precious to us, and we always look forward to seeing all of you. We’re so fortunate to have such wonderful friends, children and grandchildren to enjoy happy times! Looking forward to next year! We thoroughly enjoy your blog. You’re a very gifted writer!Love,Maxie and Linda

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