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Oh, yes ma’am, I did.

Much to my children’s horror, I have unplugged the TV.

Well, not so much the TV as the DVR.

No more electronic babysitter. No more sassy, overindulged, I-am-entitled preteens. No more glossy-eyed, zoned-out children.


I got so tired of walking into our family room and seeing my children zombie-faced, eyes glued to the tube. I was so weary of watching them lunge for the remote the second they got home. And I am really exasperated with all the “kid’s shows” (quotation marks intentional) that are being peddled and marketed to our best and brightest. That is not how we speak, and that is certainly not how God intends for us to act or treat each other.

So for now, we are on a television vacation. I have still allowed access to the Wii – it is, after all, exercise! – and the DVD player, for family movie nights. We had a family Wii bowling night last night, which is a post unto itself.

But the point is: no more TV.

And do you hear that? Listen closely and you will hear the sounds of happy laughter. My house is filled with the noises of creativity and imagination. I’m listening to independent conflict resolution and cooperation and compromise. For the last three days, my kids have been on an airplane (which strangely resembles Griffin’s bed), heading out on an adventure. Together. Right now, they are upstairs making a “movie.” (Meghan, of course, is the head writer and director.)

This is how summer should be.


3 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. Wow, I am impressed! I am thinking about severely limiting the amount of tv that is watched in our house, but I never thought of unplugging it completely. Although I did think of unplugging the computer this morning when my 3-year-old woke me up first thing to “log me on to Webkinz, please”. Enough already!Holly

  2. I agree. We spend many of our days unplugged – no TV, no computer. These days, kids on TV are just too sassy and Camp Rock-ish. Tired of it. Way to go, Unplugged Mommy!

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