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More sweet relief

All is well.

OK, all is better.

I’m amazed (though, after all these years, I don’t know why I am) how God knows our hearts and our lives and what we need…and then provides exactly that.

Meghan had her championship swim meet yesterday, which was an all-day event. We left the house at 7:15 a.m. to drive across town to the Mansfield ISD natatorium; Michael and the boys joined us about an hour later. I didn’t think “8 hours at a swim meet” and “really good family time” could be said in the same sentence – but that’s exactly what happened. We had such a great day just being together and hanging out together and cheering for Meghan and her teammates. Since it was an athletic event, it provided a terrific distraction and outlet for Michael. He LOVES any kind of competition, so he really got into watching and cheering for all the races. The boys did great for such a long day – and the portable DVD player certainly helped distract them!

We had a break around noon between the preliminaries and the finals, so we drove to Sonic and ate lunch together in the car. Again, not what I would expect to be an extraordinarily fun family time, but it was. We talked and ate and sung along to the radio together. We just enjoyed being together.

We arrived back home around 5:00, heated up our leftovers, and sat around our (new!) kitchen table – again, just enjoying the time together. After dinner, we made a trip to our favorite ice cream shop. (Of course, chocolate makes everything better.)

After church this morning, we just played and laughed and wrestled. I breathed a prayer of thankfulness for a husband who is such a phenomenal dad. He had every right to retreat into the bedroom and take a nap.

These weekend events themselves were nothing out of the ordinary and nothing that I would have anticipated as great family time, but I think – no, I know – that God heard our cries of exhaustion and grief and confusion, and He chose to bless us with an extraordinary restful weekend where we could just enjoy each other.

Isn’t that just like Him? Isn’t that what I would do for my own grieving, exhausted child? I’m not sure why I would be so surprised, but I know I am extremely humbled and thankful. My heart overflows with praise to such a gracious Friend.


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