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My new favorite thing

If you’re paying attention, you may sense some inconsistency.

In my sidebar, the taste of coffee is listed under “things I loathe.” And normally, I do. But while we were on vacation, my BFF got me hooked on these. YUM!

What is even more funny is her earlier comment to me during a discussion about how I find it so hard to get out of bed in the mornings. She said that if I had a cup of coffee waiting for me, I would be more motivated to get up. I laughed, but still had no desire to drink coffee.

Then (insert harps and angels singing Hallelujah Chorus) came Frappuccino.

And one morning, while lying in bed at our house on Kelley’s Island, I thought, “oooh! I could get up and get a frappaccino!”

She’s such a bad influence.


5 thoughts on “My new favorite thing

  1. LOL at the frappucino! Found your blog so we won’t get in trouble for not reading. Ha! Saw the pics from the vacation. That looked wonderful. You guys are so fortunate to have friends with children so close in age. How wonderful.Love your SIL!

  2. I seriously thought my husband was the only person on earth who didn’t drink coffee. It really is the first thing I think about when I wake up. Mornings will be so much better for you!Suzanne

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