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My brothers-in-arms

This cracked me up!

Here’s the story: Two guys are wandering through the Grand Canyon. They come across a 60 year old sign with glaring grammatical errors. With the help of a Sharpie and White-Out, they corrected the errors, and the world was temporarily a more grammatically happy place. They stopped at correcting the incorrect use of “emmense” (rather than immense), MSNBC reports, because “I was reluctant to disfigure the sign any further…Still, I think I shall be haunted by that perversity, emmense, in my train-whistle-blighted dreams tonight.”

Oh, sweet man. I feel your pain.

The grammar police were busted. Now they are on probation and $3000 poorer, and they cannot enter a national park for a year. The injustice kills me. I should contact him and commiserate over undeserved prosecution.

But wait! There’s more! Apparently they were on a tour d’grammar, and they traveled all over the country correcting misplaced commas and apostrophes.

I suppose if you know me well, you can understand why I find this story so hilarious. These poor men were just trying to get a good night’s sleep.


One thought on “My brothers-in-arms

  1. You know…there is a Facebook group called, “I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar”…it is a riot to read some of the things they find! 🙂

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