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Let the games begin…

The first day of school! I’ve been waiting for this day since June 4. But I do admit, I was waxing a little nostalgic last night. It was a great summer.

I need my life to slow down – which is why I’m so excited that school has started! Hopefully today was not a shadow of things to come, though. The day flew by too quickly! With Nathan in tow, I went to the Dallas Courthouse to pay my blasted and completely unjustified ticket, then drove back to Fort Worth to pick out Nathan’s glasses.

Yes, you read that correctly. My three year old needs glasses.

And he looks absolutely ADORABLE in them! We won’t have them back until the end of the week, and you can bet your patootie that I’ll be devoting an entire post to His Cuteness and His Spectacles.

Anyway. Back to the first day of school.

The time went by too quickly, as I said, but it was productive. Meghan and Griffin both had good days and enjoy their classes. They both seem excited to be back. When I asked them about it…

Meghan: It was a little like the water at the beach on Kelley’s Island.


Everything was a little vague and murky.

Oh. OK.

Apparently it wasn’t quite as structured and scheduled as Meghan would have liked, but it sounds like just the first-week-of-school-chaos.

Griffin: It was long.

Yep, I remember Meghan going through the same thing for about the first two weeks of first grade. After a year of half-day kindergarten, going for the full day takes some physical adjustment.

I’ve heard from several sources that all of their teachers are really, really good, and the kids seem to like them a lot already. Griffin’s teacher has had four teachers’ kids in her class over the last two years (which means that their moms requested this particular teacher…and that’s a VERY good sign). Meghan’s teacher is a math and science genius, which of course is a huge plus for my Absent-Minded Professor girl – so we are looking forward to a fantastic year!!


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