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A very special day

To any casual observer who happened to be at Chuck E. Cheese this morning, it seemed like any other normal birthday party for a four year old girl.

But this was no ordinary party.

According to all logic and medical reason, this little girl should not still be with us.

But she is!!!

This is Libby. Libby is the daughter of our very good friends, Eric and Gracie, and she was born four years ago today with a fatal, complex heart defect. Her first open heart surgery was performed when she was 12 hours old. She has since had two more scheduled heart surgeries, abdominal surgery, and another surgery to fix a failing heart valve. She stopped breathing for 30 minutes when she was 6 months old, but God still had more to teach us. She had her third scheduled heart surgery last fall and developed an infection from MRSA, and once again she almost died.

Libby is one of the sweetest, bravest little girls we have ever known, and I cannot adequately put into words all that God has taught us as we watch our friends suffer and grieve and rejoice over her. More than anything, I now know what God means when He says, “Do not fear – I am with you.”

Today was a celebration! God has given all of us four sweet years to love Libby, and we hope for many more.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Libby! We love you SO much!

You can read more about Libby’s story on her Carepage. Once you have created an account, type “LibbyP” for “Carepage Name.”


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