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Have you ever seen a more handsome boy?!?

We picked up Nathan’s glasses on Friday afternoon, and I think he’s finally used to wearing them. At first, his eyes were very watery (adjusting to not having to focus so hard) and he kept taking them off…and leaving them on the floor, which obviously has to be a big no-no. Now we have the “only mommy and daddy can take off your glasses” rule, and he seems to be buying into it. He wore them to Libby’s party and was distracted enough by all the excitement that he forgot that he doesn’t like them! After that, he’s been doing pretty well.

Here’s the story. A few weeks ago, the kids were goofing around and crossing their eyes. Michael noticed (as only a pediatric ophthalmologist would) that Nathan was doing it more often. He did a quick little test on him at home, and sure enough, Nathan was crossing his eyes to focus.

The funny thing is that Michael flipped out! He sees kids in his office every day who have been crossing their eyes for months before they come to see him, but when his own kid starts crossing for a week or so, it was an emergency. He wanted me to bring Nathan in that week (before school started) – but that would have meant taking all three kids to his office – so I convinced him that we could wait until the big kids were back in school the next week. (Bad, neglectful mom or smart, logical mom?)

He couldn’t wait that long! Michael took Nathan to his office last Sunday afternoon for a full exam and found out that he’s pretty far-sighted (can’t see things close up), so he was crossing his eyes in as a way of focusing. It may be something that Nathan grows out of – but Michael has worn glasses since 3rd grade, and his correction is horrendous – so I’m not counting on it.

The silver lining in this story (besides how darn cute Nathan looks in glasses) is that Michael can now extend a little more empathy to the parents of his three year old cross-eyed patients.

(Nathan was just goofing around in this picture, but this is what he would look like when he would unintentionally cross his eyes!)


5 thoughts on “Be-spectacled

  1. Very handsome little cousin! Oddly enough, my eyes do the same thing, but not because I’m blind….it’s that syndrome thing I have….but, they told me it was a primarily a blond hair/blue eye female thing…I’m 3 of 3!

  2. I second the smart, logical mom! I remember when I was in 1st grade they said I had a “lazy eye” and I had to not only wear glasses but also a pirate-looking patch over my good eye for several hours of the day…my sight finally got better and I don’t have to wear glasses now – so there is hope!!!!:) But, he does look SOOOooooo cute in glasses!!!

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