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Happy Birthday to me!

I turned 35 this weekend, and as the duty of a halfway-to-40 woman, I had my first mammogram this morning. And I promised the technician that I would not go and tell all my friends how horrible it was.

It wasn’t.


I felt a little bit like a contortionist (“lean this way, step back, put your arm here, roll your shoulder back slowly…”), but seriously, it wasn’t painful. Slightly uncomfortable, but not painful. (Someone tell me, if you’re bigger than a 32B – like that’s hard to be! – is it painful?) Even if it were painful, it’s still too important to put off. And the modesty thing? Oh, come on. If you have birthed a child, all modesty went out the window a long time ago! (especially if you birthed at a teaching hospital)

If you are my age and haven’t done it yet, DO IT. I’ve mentioned before my high school friend, Donna, who is a 2 year survivor of breast cancer. Yes, I said high school. Do the math – she was in her early 30s when she was diagnosed. No family history of breast cancer. Go see her at www.caringbridge.com, site name “prayfordonna”. She is an amazingly courageous, faith-filled, beautiful woman, wife & mom.

So get off your computer and call your doctor! Seriously. Do it today.


7 thoughts on “Squished

  1. I agree – I recently had one and it wasn’t bad at all. I think anyone’s who known someone who was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer is willing to have the mammogram just for the peace of mind that comes with a clean bill of health.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! I forgot to call or send a card, but I thought of you, does that count?. Actually Jennifer, 35 is not halfway to 40, it’s halfway to 70!!! My sister reminded me of that when I turned 35, many moons ago. It’s ok. I’ll be halfway to 96 this month.Michelle

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