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Spit and laughter

So I’m a little disappointed in Ike.

(I’m not at all glossing over the damage done to our friends in Houston. We are quite worried about all of them and praying for them daily.)

But I was looking forward to enjoying a lazy, rainy Saturday. We were going to curl up on the couch and have a family movie day, read books, listen to the rain.

We got spit. Literally. Like 0.5 inches of rain and a slight breeze, and that didn’t even come until 4:30 in the afternoon while we were watching Griffin’s indoor soccer game. I feel so gypped.

My friend, Gretchen, however – the one who lives in FREAKIN’ OHIO – had 70 mph winds and as been without power since last night. She thinks this is the first time Ohio has had a hurricane.

But there is a positive point to my story of woe. We did stay inside most of the day on Saturday (it was still gray and wet), and Michael and I cleaned out the office and made room for our new desk. I started cleaning out file drawers with phone bills from 2002.

While we worked, our three darlings played pretty well together. They like to play Harry Potter and cast spells on each other. Once we could drag them away from the TV, they really had fun and laughed and chased each other around the house. There’s just something about hearing your children’s laughter as they play together that warms the heart. We’ve prayed since they were babies that they would all have a very special, loving relationship with each other, that they would cheer each other on and be really good friends. I love hearing them as they live that out, knowing God is indeed answering our prayers.

On Sunday night, we dropped off the kids at church and met with our team (small group) from church, and as we do on 2nd and 4th Sundays, we split the guys and the girls. The guys hung out together and played pool and air hockey at a local sports bar place, while the much more spiritual ladies (ha!) met in a living room to discuss A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George (great book; a little 1950s June Cleaver, but we work around that) and formed our new accountability groups. (In the guys’ defense, they normally meet and do a book study/accountability, too, but this week they just wanted some testosterone-charged guy time…which was great. They all needed it.)

During the course of the evening, we ladies were CRACKING UP LAUGHING!!! I swear I get a better abdominal workout from being with my girlfriends than endless sets of situps. We were doubled over, tears coming out of the eyes, laughing our heads off. Loved it.

When we had settled down enough to pray together, God revealed a new truth to me: Just as I delight in hearing my children laugh and play together, God gets even more joy from hearing His daughters laugh together, share life together, love each other. He is our Father, and He loves His children – and He loves His children loving each other.

Michael has told me (and anyone else who will listen) that I am going to write a book about how being a mother has taught me about the character of God – lessons that I have learned in relating to my children that show me how God relates to me as His child. Being the meek, submissive wife that I am, I will obey my husband and write the book.

OK, totally tongue-in-cheek. But the idea is rolling around in my brain, and I may actually do it one day.

“How good and pleasant it is for (sisters) to dwell together in unity!” (Psalm 133:1)


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