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"I will always have gum…"

Anyone out there a bigger Friends fan than me? Remember the episode when Ben is born, and all the friends go in to meet him, and Monica starts to cry and says, “I’m your Aunt Monica…I will always have gum.” I love that episode.

So I guess I’d better head over to Costco and stock up on the Extra! Meet my beautiful, perfect, very big nephew, Jackson Drew Liane.

Isn’t he precious?!? I’m so in love.

I took the kids over to Dallas to meet him after school yesterday (Brief sidenote and huge vent here: who designed the 75 North HOV lane?!? I accidentally got on at 635 and had to drive to PLANO before I could turn around and go south!!! Are you kiddin’ me?!?)


Anyway, we met Jackson yesterday. He is so perfect! He was born Sunday afternoon at 3:45, weighed 8 lbs. 10 oz. and was 20 3/4″ long. Mama Alana is now a gold-star-wearing member of the labor & delivery sisterhood. She went into labor on Saturday morning, and 34 hours later, finally got to meet Mr. J. And she didn’t get an epidural until 2 p.m.!

I may have said it here before: the only childbirth that is not “natural” is if they pull the baby out of your nose. Drugs, no drugs, c-section, vaginal…in the end, you get a baby. What’s more “natural” than that?

They are all doing great, and the kids were so excited to meet their new cousin. Griffin wants him to be his “real” brother, and all three of them were arguing over who gets to hold him next.

We went out to dinner after leaving the hospital, and Griffin (in his typical dramatic fashion) was moaning, “I’M DYYYYYYING! I’M DYYYYYYYING! I think I need to go to the hospital!…then I can see Jackson again.”

Nice try, buddy.

So indulge this very proud auntie for a moment and take a look at the most adorable baby I’ve seen in about 3 1/2 years. 🙂


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