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Why I Am Voting For Obama and Still Going To Heaven

My friend, Julie, posted a great comment yesterday:

So interesting to get a Christian/democratic perspective. If you have time I would like to hear your opinion on the Obama abortion policy vs conventional democrat/Christian values. Keep up the good work!

My little writer’s brain has been swimming and buzzing as I have been attempting to organize my thoughts, and all day I’ve been itching to get to my computer so I could post my opinion. I have ten million things I need to be doing (this is one of those weeks when I’m not quite sure how it’s all going to get done), but I figured everything else would be completely unproductive until I put my thoughts into words.

Must. Write.

I am well aware that most everyone who reads my blog leans toward the conservative Republican side, and that’s great. I used to be right alongside you. I grew up in a home of staunch Republicans, one of whom regularly yells at the talking heads on TV (the newscasters, not the ’80s band). I’m sure there are some of you who are convinced that because I’m leaning left, I’m gonna burn. How can anyone possibly be a Christian and vote for a Democrat?

Let me assure you, my salvation is secure.

First, I’ll start with Julie’s comment. Abortion is a horrendous, tragic, very sad procedure. I wish it never happened. But I’ve come to realize that there will never, ever be a single candidate who falls in line with every one of my values and beliefs, so I’ve had to choose which of those beliefs is most important, and then base my vote on which candidate best lines up with those beliefs and values. I cannot base my vote on a single issue.

Carefully sidestepping any endorsement, pastors tell us to “search the Scriptures, pray, and then vote for the candidate who you feel best represents what the Bible says.” OK, let’s go with that…

Jesus values and respects people, regardless of their countries of origin or the sin in their lives. He speaks more times about money and greed than any other topic. Greed is bad. Share what you have. Provide for others. He told us that to see someone sick and ignore them as we walk to church is detestable. He told us to take care of widows and orphans. He championed the cause of the poor and needy and provided for them. He said, “to whom much is given, much is required.” God says that the earth is a gift and our home, however temporary, and we are charged to take care of it.

In my opinion, Barack Obama and the Democratic party fall more in line with my belief that more than anything, Jesus calls us to love and respect others and provide for those who cannot provide for themselves. Yes, abortion is wrong, but so is allowing a child with cancer to be denied treatment or whose family goes bankrupt trying to pay for it. So is ignoring those in a cycle of poverty who cannot afford food for their families. That is a “life issue.” One life is not more valuable than another. People are more important than profit.

So there you have it. It doesn’t hurt my feelings if you disagree with me – I’m confident and opinionated enough to cease fearing other people’s opinions of me. This is where I am and what I believe. If I had the time (must leave for dance lessons and soccer practice! must fix dinner! must finish MOPS newsletter! must work on writing curriculum! must assist with homework!) then I would spout off a little more on the faith of each candidate, how I get extraordinarily infuriated when people attribute 2 Chronicles 7:14to the United States, what I think about health care and taxes…but maybe another day.

Right now, the minivan awaits.


25 thoughts on “Why I Am Voting For Obama and Still Going To Heaven

  1. I agree “to whom much is given, much is required”…the bible tells us. God gave us grace, but we have a responsibility to embrace it, to accept it and to glorify God with it. It was bestowed upon us by Jesus, but to those who refuse to accept the RESPONSIBILITY that goes along with it, the grace is useless. We aren’t guaranteed eternal life if we don’t accept the Grace Jesus sacrificed himself for. That acceptance required us to live as Jesus lived, when he went into the temple and the money changers were desecrating it, he didn’t accept it and make excuses for it, he turned over tables and made the point that is was an abomination. When he sat on the ledge of the well and the Samaritan woman who was living in sin offered him water, he didn’t let the fact that she had a husband but the man she was lying with now is not him, he told her and shocked her into understanding. She knew it was wrong. On the other hand, he didn’t stay on her about it, he held out his hand in love and told her about our Father and that he loves us all. She shared that story with the town and they knew he was the Son of God. You quoted scripture, and from that same Chapter of James (Chapter 2 starting with verse 14) we are told that Faith not accompanied by deeds, is dead. Following that verse James discusses how Abraham took his son Isaac to sacrifice him as God had told him to do, Isaac was worthy of sacrifice, a living creature. Abraham followed God’s request and was stopped at the last minute, but his faith was tested and passed. “You see that a person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone” it goes on to say. Our faith requires us to evaluate what confronts us, and to make decisions through the filter which we internalize through the reading of scripture and prayer. In the end you have to evaluate what you are confronted with, your choice of a candidate, and determine which of those candidates policies represent more of what you perceive to be in line with God’s teaching. I am voting for McCain. I believe, as we are all challeged with responsibility for our faith (and deeds) his policies enable us to embrace our responsibilities from social, to moral, to spiritual and to make of it what we wish. I don’t like leaving it in the hands of the most inefficient machine, the government. Abortion is a horrible thing, from so many levels. I can only surmise God’s perception of Abortion. We say that God has a purpose for all of us, do we thwart that purpose when we abort (kill) that baby? I don’t have all the answers, but I think that there is something inherently wrong with abortion. It goes against all that is good. When it is used as a form of birth control, typically there is some relinquishing of responsibility. Anyway, I have rambled long enough, but you get my drift. To end, I will say this about America. Our country and the freedoms it provides are such a wonderful thing for spreading the word of God. For all the warts it has, it still allows us to attempt to walk the walk as Jesus taught, without looking over your shoulder for persecution. Obama’s political career was launched in the living room of Bill Ayers, a domestic terrorist that killed several police officers with the bombs he set. He has the biggest perpetrators from the Fanny May and Freddie Mac orginizations working in his campaign. He stayed in that church that manipulates with word of God, from what I saw and I think we all saw enought to determine that God’s word was being used to fuel hatred, for 20 years!! Bill Ayers effectively gave him 160 million dollars to hand out in Chicago through the Annenberg Challenge, and it was questionable on how it was doled out but yet he still denies having a relationship beyond their kids going to the same school…and Ayers kids are grown. Those qualities alone make it hard for me to consider voting for him. Those beliefs, those things left unanswered, and twisted make it hard for me to let it get through my filter on what is right.Hope I didn’t bore you, but I was looking over Diana’s shoulder and thought I would respond to your request for some challenge. No matter who you vote for, your faith walk is your faith walk. You vote may be questionable, but that doesn’t mean your faith is, but I do encourage you to look deep, past all the rhetoric, and look for what speaks to your fabric.Jim White

  2. Um, yeah. Still have the same opinion. Have looked deeply past the “rhetoric” and considered both sides, and still reached the same conclusion. I think I have made my decision “through the filter which (I) internalize through the reading of scripture and prayer.” That was my point exactly.

  3. Jennifer,That is a interesting point and one I have to respect. It is obvious you have searched your heart and have decided what makes sense for you. I have no doubt you are going to heaven, too! :)I may change my tune when I am so sad when?if? he becomes president. I will soley blame you. Ha ha kidding!

  4. EXCELLENT post, Jen! I told Matt about it and he can’t wait to read it too (because he is totally an Obama supporter too). I am still on “the fence” but starting to lean back toward my original bent (Obama). Such an important and interesting election year!!!!!

  5. oh i am hOPING you swayed jen honneycutt 🙂 i agree with you and usually lean democratic. Until we provide effective services for single, lower income class women I don’t think it’s right to make the choice on abortion for them. Most women (dare i say all) don’t make that choice easily. They make it b/c they don’t believe they can provide a healthy stable life for that child. We need to provide them systems (health care, work, child care) that make a healthy stable life for their child more plausible. Clearly I am 100% in favor of adoption. I wish that any pregnant woman could have the courage that Sam’s birth mom did and carry their child to term. But I also wish that the rest of us had the courage to adopt those children. There are too many children who are being raised in orphanages, some in bad conditions, and aren’t being adopted. Just because I adopted Sam doesn’t mean I’ve solved the problem. I don’t know what the solution would look like. I DO know that providing women with a possible solution when they feel backed against a wall is a great idea. That is just one issue. On most other issues I am democratic. I don’t believe we should look out for ourselves over others. I believe we need to care for those who are in need. AND I believe as an individual and as a society I / we don’t do that enough. I will vote for obama BUT I also will say that so much seems to be resting on this election (our country needs a really good leader right now) that I am nervous either way.

  6. I have to say I’m glad I’m Canadian and unable to vote in this country. I always feel like a vote is really just selecting the lesser of the two evils and I hate that.

  7. Jen,Nice post. I agree abortion is bad and I wish it would go away. But I am not a single issue voter either and when we look at the “life issue”, I believe we have to look at health care, war and other issues. For Christians, the life of a person living in Iraq or Africa has to have been the same as one here in America. I think in the 1980s and 1990s Christians got sold the lie that the Republicans are the Christian party. And you have people like James Dobson defending tax cuts for the rich and going to war as if those are Christian values. Its ok to vote however people want to vote but lets get away from thinking one is a Christian party and one is not. Because I don’t think Bush has represented Christians very well and watching McCain last night seemed very similar–being mean and nasty are not exactly the values I want to represent me.Matt H.

  8. Wow!! Your blog as well as my daughters have really turned into a thought provoking exercise of late. And to think I just thought it was a great place for me to go and look at my beautiful granddaughter!!I am Gary and I am Jen H’s dad and Matt H’s father-in-law. The postings on both blogs are very good and force you to really think about what your positions are. I think it is pretty easy to get sick of both parties and see how each work too hard to spin their version of everything. Between that and the idea that the press has to promote their product, which is news, no matter how good or bad, true or false, as long as they have their ultimate product, which is news that they hope will be more interesting than the other guys. But first let me tell you a little about me. I am 54, married to my Jr. High School sweetheart and best friend, the father of 3 great kids and 4 perfect grandchildren. I never thought about America, politics, abortion, war, taxes, how religion fits into it all, none of it really too much until well into my twenties. I guess when I did it was odd to my family that I was conservative and leaned Republican because looking back now I believe my family probably leaned more to the Democrat side, as least that is the way my Mom was and she was much more outspoken than my Dad. So let me tell you what I have come to believe and why my vote will go to McCain.America – I believe this country was all about freedom from day one. Religious freedom at first and then the initial outline for the form of government that we have all seem to have freedom as the primary theme. And in spite of how often Americans have tried to change things, we seem to find our way back to what the Founding Fathers started with for the most part. There are many people from other countries that have such a deep hatred for the USA and yet they still want to come here or send their children here for education and exposure to so many things they don’t have in their home country. And when we seem to be doing things wrong, like the economic crisis going on right now, we quickly see that other parts of the world are usually no better and often much worse.Politics – I believe less government is usually better than more. I can think of a lot more things the government has made worse when involved than they have made better. I don’t see why it seems to take so many folks and so many dollars to govern the rest of us. If any business tried to run with such a high percentage of administration costs as our governments (Federal, State, City, Local) force on us, they would not succeed. I want leaders that don’t believe in entitlement just to get elected. I don’t want leaders that use the Judicial branch to govern and make decisions that go against the laws legalized by our Legislative branch.Abortion – Are there reasons why you should take the life of an unborn child? Yes. If the life of the mother is clearly proven to be at risk and the choice is her life or the child, I say you save the mother’s life rather than see both lives lost. And I know there are cases of rape and incest that are argued in favor of abortion but why is adoption not in that discussion? And what is the percentage of rape and incest versus a choice to take the life because of financial reasons, life style changes, out of wedlock pregnancy, infidelity, body disfiguring, career, etc? If I was to say that someone should be allowed to go ahead and have the child and then if after 3, 6, 9 or 12 months after the birth the mom would have the option of ending the child’s life because she couldn’t afford it, it was cramping her lifestyle, the father decided to not stay, her husband left her, she had stretch marks, or her career was being hurt, you would think I was insane. But what is the difference between killing the child at 6 weeks after conception or 9 months after birth? In my mind, you still allowed a life to be taken. War – I can’t imagine anyone saying they want war. But I do believe that we are the country of freedom and that we are obligated to protect not only our freedom but the freedom of those in other countries that are forced to have their freedoms taken away. I believe that there are people and groups of people with power that want to see America and our people dead. Hitler, Mussolini, and Japan needed to be stopped and WWII was the result of that effort. To believe that some wars/conflicts are started for inadequate reasons would be naïve but I do believe that Saddam had to be stopped and Bin Laden as well. In WWII, the USA sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives and many countries lost millions of lives but if you asked if it had to be done, I believe most would say yes. One lost US soldier is one too many but I believe our losses in the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will be viewed similarly in the future. I believe that a premature departure from Iraq would only create an environment that will require our troops to fight again and maybe the next time, closer to home. And I believe that to stop now is a mistake because we are finally seeing Iraqis being allowed to live in a free land with the government that they chose, not a dictatorship forced upon them. And finally, to pull out prematurely would dishonor those who not only have given their life for the freedom of the Iraqi people but those that fight to protect my freedom and the freedom of all other Americans. Taxes – I believe we can’t keep spending more money than we collect. I believe that every person should pay an equal proportion of what they earn. The class warfare that both parties play sickens me and the ease with which it keeps working over and over again amazes me. I believe that small to mid-size business is what makes this country work and that we should offer legitimate tax breaks to those businesses to so they can continue to employee our workforce. And I believe that simplifying the tax system is better than adding more loopholes and work-arounds. Religion & Politics – I can understand the backlash to the Religious Right and how the Republican Party has been seen as the Christian party. I would say the lightning rod for this has been the abortion issue but at the end of the day, the Republican party’s conservative stance on most issues and it’s pro-life stance has tended to win more Christian votes than the Democrats. And again we probably hear more about it than we need to because it is news and that is the product of the press so remember what their job is, sell their product. I believe those that take a very public stand in their beliefs are always going to be targets and the bigger the job or the higher the profile, the easier the target. Palin and Dobson are perfect examples of this. Lastly, I believe who or what you vote for has nothing to do with heaven. I believe we make decisions every day that have a much greater influence on where we stand with God then what we do in November.

  9. I completely believe you are going to heaven.I firmly believe that the Bible was not written for Americans and am wholeheartedly against churches even having flags in them b/c I don’t believe that the Bible has anything to do with government or politics. Can I, gulp, even say that I am only loyal to the nation of America as long as it affords me the religious freedom to follow my Christ Jesus the way that you describe in this post?I am a friend of Jen H’s from MOPS and we are now blog-buddies.I am not a huge John McCain fan. I actually don’t like his stance on abortion either!I am a one-issue voter.I work at a crisis pregnancy center.I cannot vote for Obama.I work with these women that the democratic party wants to help. I work with them every week. I try to help them too.I had different opinions before I started working there, but after over a year of helping lower income, poverty stricken, hurting single moms and trying to be there for them, I am convinced that no amount of government is going to heal the wounds of this nation’s poor and hurting. Oh, we can try. We can put bandaids on the cancerous tumors of pain and suffering…mental illness…child neglect…drug abuse…we can try.But we will always fail if we are only trying to stop people from having bad lives. We cannot stop it.Only the life-changing Gospel of Christ can really change a person.I like that Obama talks about things like helping the poor and giving people health care and being “there” for those who are downtrodden.He’s got some great ideas.I even see the point that maybe a baby who is aborted is “better off” b/c at least that mentally ill, drug-addicted mother won’t abuse him or her…at least it’s not one more mouth to feed.I’ve heard it before. I know it’s a valid argument.But when the Scripture talks about helping the poor, helpless, defenseless, aren’t the children top of your list? Wouldn’t a newly born baby be the ultimate in defenseless? How about 30 seconds before that baby is born? Is it still worthy of your defense?I won’t even argue with you about when life begins, but please look at Obama’s record on partial birth abortion.Do you realize exactly what he supports? I am writing this almost with tears in my eyes.I want to help the children with cancer and the families with no money. I don’t like big government or war or any of the other crap that we call the current “American Dream” I appreciate all that Obama wants to do on many social issues. But he will fail.He will fail because he is not a Christ-follower. He is not going to influence our society for good. No human is going to succeed at that unless the Lord wills it. On the other hand, Obama WILL succeed at something. He will set back the pro-life movement by decades. He will support cold-blooded murder of the most defenseless…the most needy…the poorest…the most helpless and innocent. Have you seen the photos? It’s not just first-trimester-life-of-the-mother stuff we’re talking about here. We are talking dismembering almost-born babies. We are talking about scissors-in-the-skull stuff.It’s not pretty.It’s abhorrent.I guess I just wanted to remind you and all of the other commentors. I hate that this election has to polarize people…I NEVER talk politics with friends b/c it’s never worth losing a friend over. I always say I will agree to disagree with people on everything, but this pro-life thing is something I feel compelled to at least bring up.Thanks for the opportunity.Great post.

  10. I think these kinds of open conversations are actually great. The more I watch, listen, read, the more I'm realizing that the way we vote sometimes has to be specific to the context we find ourselves in, historically. In other words, whom do we need most right now, with everything going on right now, in light of the past several years, to solve the problems that are most threatening our nation, even American lives and others' around the world? I tend to agree with those who feel Barack Obama is our best choice, for various reasons many of you have already covered. But I so appreciate Jen H's dad's final reminder that our political votes are less important than our daily decisions in terms of our standing with God. So important to remember…-Deb H (friend of Jen, Matt, & Courtney)

  11. WOW! This is a great discussion. Jen’s dad and nlwilliams, I so appreciate your intelligent, cohesive arguments and especially the respectful voice of dissenting opinion. I think both candidates could learn from you! And Courtney, if Obama does win, I’ll treat you to a Starbucks to help you feel better. :)I love that we are THINKING and not just parroting the rhetoric and the smear we’re fed on a daily basis by supporters of each side. Each one must decide what is important and make a decision based on those beliefs, and that’s what makes this country great.Keep it coming!

  12. Obama attended a Muslim school for four years, his stepfather and father were Muslim. It is hard to forget the things we are taught as children, even if we change our views as adults. We are always a bit sympathetic to our views we learn during our formative years. Oh yes, he says he is a Christian now, but being raised on the Koran as a youth will always be a part of him. He wants to downplay all of this but it did happen. In the state of our world today I cannot and would not vote for Obama. Does it bother you that the Iranians want him to become president?

  13. In a word: No.Can you say “Swift Boat”?This argument is ludicrous.(Oh, wait…let’s keep this respectful.)I cannot validate this argument because I look at his character NOW. How many of us were raised with beliefs and values that we reject as adults? (Exhibit A speaking here.)Sorry, I just don’t buy it.

  14. Since you have invited and welcome opposition, I’ll throw you a bone here. Forgive me, because this is also something I am passionate about.I believe that what you quoted from the Bible (“He told us to take care of widows and orphans. He championed the cause of the poor and needy and provided for them. He said, ‘to whom much is given, much is required.'”)is the church’s role and ours as individuals to meet the needs of those God has placed around us. I do NOT believe it is to be the role of government to mandate programs and dictate to U.S. citizens which philanthropic activities they are to support with their tax dollars.I was just speaking with a lady the other day who informed me that her husband was laid off. I worried about her and the next day I gave her some information about some jobs that are available that he might want to look into. She looked at me with the craziest look and said, I’m not interested in finding him another job right now.” “What?” I asked in amazement. To which she replied, “Why would we look for a job when we can get unemployment? We’ll live off that as long as we can. Besides I like having him home to do honey-do’s.”I’m sorry, but that made me angry. I personally believe there is a fundamental difference between helping and enabling. I think that by catering to the “bottom” as Obama said, we create a country of people more like the lady mentioned above and less like the Americans of old who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and created their own destiny. That is what America is all about. I don’t believe we should “punish” those individuals, like Obama, who created success in their lives through hard work. I also don’t think many people understand that to increase taxes on businesses is only going to cause those businesses to raise prices, which will inturn negatively impact the very individuals Obama is wanting to protect. They are not “big bad businesses” because they have done well and created wealth. This is what we want America to have. We want a country of thriving business and self-created success; people who are motivated because the sky is the limit. What I do not want is a country of people who do not feel the need to strive, because they would rather just take what they are given.I am not heartless and I do believe there should be many programs to help those in need. I believe those should be supported by donations from individuals, faith-based organizations and corporations as they desire to be good stewards of what God has given them. I think abortion is the most heartless of all. All of the other issues don’t matter when you are denying life in the first place. How can the same party think it is cruel to deny homosexuals to marry, think it is perfectly fine to kill babies even into the last trimester. That is insanity to me. The Bible does not mention government-mandated and taxpayer-sponsored aid programs. It is very clear about the sanctity of human life. I am all for pro-choice…the choice of a woman and man to use birth control or not. It’s a pretty simple decision. With the morning after pill on the market today we have NO EXCUSES for abortion.Okay, I’ll stop. I too could go on and I think God wants us to have these kinds of conversations. I don’t fault you for your beliefs and hopefully you won’t fault me. I am a little “nervous” about it though since you state on your blog that Republicans make you “nervous”. :)Leslie Cain(had to post anonymous because I can’t get my google account name and password to work)

  15. Actually God set up many programs in which the state of Israel and the people were suppose to help the poor like the year of Jubilee and the people of Israel were required to give a much higher percentage to the poor than we, Americans do.Matt H.

  16. Hey Leslie! Good to see you here. I am not at all advocating the enabling of those who take advantage of the system. Unfortunately, it happens. My point is that if we – as conservatives are so quick to argue – want a government that reflects our values, then what exactly are those values? My belief is that God respects, provides for, and extends mercy to His people. I want my government to do the same.

  17. To Jennifer, my first-born niece,I am so proud of you for having the courage to say in such a strong and intelligent, humorous and compassionate way what you feel.I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember in my 49 years. I used to be very much a fundamentalist, full of fear, and not willing to think for myself outside of my bible-worshipping. I don’t reget it that much, because it kept me out of trouble! =) and I was able to do some amzing things in the name of God. I started and moved into a Christian urban community in 1991. Our main purpose of being together was to serve the inner-city community. My eyes were opened to a much larger world than the one I lived in. It changed all of our lives together for the better. I began to ask alot of questions.through years of searching and learning, I became alot more liberal, which I guess is the label most of your readers would put on me. I look at the big picture instead of my narrow view of God. There are somewhere near 3500 passages in the Bible about caring for the poor. Meaning the ones who are alive. 5 or 6 about gays. none about abortion that I know of. Abortion is not a new practice, and I don’t like it, either.but PLEASE, look at the Big Picture!Matthew’s judgement scripture talks about seperating the sheep from the goats. you know the one..”where were you when I was poor, hungry, naked..” it is a judgement of the NATIONS.who in our NATION is going to do do more for the disenfranchised, and the middle class? John Mc Cain? not according to his record. Republicans laugh at Obama being a “community organizer.” I don’t get it.I would also challenge anyone to read any of the speeches in the faith section on Obama’s website, and tell me again that his faith is not genuine.I can’t do it.I’m glad he is an “elitist”, too. I want an elite person to run my country. not a Joe 6 pack.I am not presumptuous enough to say who is going to heaven. I don’t know. no one does. but my hope is in Jesus, just as yours is.and I believe in a God who is much more likely to search our hearts and know and understand who we are than a God who will beat you over the head with the bible. Jennifer, I am proud to be in your family. May you go from strength to strength each day, and may you continue in God’s peace.much, much love and respect,your auntie Lokken

  18. Wow. I have to admit I am very surprised to see you supporting Obama- I am a McCain girl. He is just flat out plain and simple the most qualified candidate. His knowledge of the military, world affairs, and all of the years he has served in the gov't- it really is remarkable. He has been around long enough to see what works and what doesn't. Obama's short stint just doesn't cut it. I also have a HUGE problem that he voted "present" so often. I feel he did this b/c he knew he wanted to run for pres. and didn't want his voting record to come back in his face. I also feel that the gov. shouldn't tell you or force you to give to the poor. This is best accomplished through churches & charities where YOU decide how much and to whom you will give. I also don't believe Palin is the greatest choice for VP, would have loved to have had Cond. Rice or even Mitt Romney. But, the person we really have to look at is who will be a better pres. and hands down McCain is the one who will keep us safe. None of this really matters if this country isn't protected. Just my two cents :)Suzanne

  19. OK… my head might just explode.Oops… introductions first. I am Uncle Mike – Uncle to Jennifer – but not the Jennifer who is the niece of Auntie Lokken. I am also younger brother of Gary and #3 son of Democrat leaning mom.General comments first – I have become a fan of both Auntie Lokken and her wonderful niece Jennifer. I also think my wonderful niece Jennifer has extremely good taste in picking husbands. I’ve always had an interest in politics, I’m not cynical, like most, about politicians (public servants) or the media. There are good ones and bad ones – just as in any other thing in life. The system might be a little warped – particularly the two party system – where both parties collectively have left everyone wanting more from our elected leaders. As I explained on my niece Jennifer’s blog, I am a die-hard independent that tends to lean democrat (at least for now). Without being specific – there were a few posts I did not agree with at all and would very definitely dispute the facts of, if I were in fact so inclined. But that would go nowhere really – so no point. But I found the majority of the posts thought provoking, interesting, and worth the read.I adamantly support Barack Obama. To the point where I have put my money where my mouth is – donating probably beyond what I could afford – and might I add – donating to a political candidate for the first time in my life. Perhaps more on my support for Senator Obama later.But I entirely understand many of the points in support of John McCain. And I respect anyone that feels that a vote for John McCain would be in their best interest. We’re all entitled to our opinion as they say.I’ve always liked John McCain… well until the last few years. Since he began eyeing the White House again, I have seen this shift, and it has grown more dramatic over the last 6 to 9 months or so. Well, before I get to my main point on Senator McCain… can we all agree he has run a horrible campaign? Now I understand he is a victim of the times to some extent – but in my view he has made a series of really bad judgments in his campaign.Sarah Palin the biggest bad judgment – but I won’t belabor that point – I know that some people will disagree “violently” with me on that – I will just let time pass and let people ultimately decide exactly what they think of Ms. Palin. But, that comment detracts from my comment about a bad campaign – because I’m really talking about John McCain as a candidate – he’s not good – which is different than saying he is not good as a person or as a public servant. I think he is a good person and I think his lifetime of service to the country deserves the respect of all.But to my main point, I’ve personally been very disappointed by John McCain. It’s unfortunate, but true, for the most part our politicians spin, exaggerate, take out of context, and omit facts as a regular course of business. Most of the time these are nuanced details that can be argued as “technically” true – but not really in the real spirit of “truth”. Every Presidential Candidate, Democrat or Republican, has done it in my lifetime – including Obama and McCain.But John McCain, a true American hero, and his campaign, have sunk to the lowest depths in this “political dance”. The last week or so, the campaign has taken the truly low road. This has been bothering me for days. It could in fact be argued that this is quickly spiraling to the point of inciting violence, and it has gone well beyond the normal “political battle”. It is a disgrace to the long years of honored service John McCain has given to this country. And I really don’t know if it’s worth winning if you have alienated an entire half of the country – only to win in a squeaker. How do you govern like that?Let me back up a bit. As a veteran, it frustrated me when in 2004 we took a purple heart decorated Vietnam veteran and hero (and friend of John McCain) and made him into an unpatriotic coward. It was claimed that the citations he received were faked and full of lies. All of the records of his service were disputed and muddied. This despite the fact that all of the swift boat veterans who actually served with John Kerry claimed that Kerry was in fact a hero and that the facts in the citations were in fact true. This despite official Navy records showing the truth.Now that’s the past – and if you were someone that argued that his behavior after his service was dishonorable, or that John Kerry was an ambitious flip-flopper, or you just didn’t agree with his views on the issues – or some other reason that you didn’t like him… well I can understand that. But to turn around and make him into an unpatriotic coward and claim that his heroic service to the country was all fiction – well I do have a problem with that. I find it just – well wrong. But compared to what’s happening now – well it seems almost playful, kind of like a cute Nixon-like dirty trick.Let me move forward again – but not quite as forward as I was several paragraphs ago. I have liked Obama since before he won in Iowa. After he won Iowa, I said to myself, hey, this guy might be able to win it all. Within a few days of that win I made my first donation to the campaign. Moving further forward, about 2 months ago I bought my first Obama campaign gear, a lawn sign, some car magnets, etc. I had delayed that step for one reason. I began thinking, if I publicly show my support for Obama, what happens when a racist neo-nazi type sees it. Does he flatten my car tires while I’m in the mall? Does he maybe spray paint racial slurs on my house? Think about that – in America… let me say that again… IN AMERICA… I have to worry about putting a car magnet on my car!?!?But I decided that you know what – this is America – and if I can’t show my support for the candidate of my choice without some sort of repercussions – well then maybe we really have lost what America really is all about (as my brother said – Freedom – which I agree with – although I would probably add about 6 pages of discussion to that statement – go figure). So I decided to put my views “out there” and display my car magnets and Obama lawn sign.So now I move forward back to where I was somewhere wayyyyyy up ^ there. In the last few days we’ve ratcheted up the hate to a new level. I find it beyond alarming – and when I see some of the anger out there – well last night I went to bed (after first reading some of the posts on this blog) – and spent the night thinking about all this hatred in the country while I was trying to fall asleep. So now I don’t have to just worry about the racist neo-nazi, but some other poor ignorant soul who has decided I must be a terrorist and that I MUST hate America because I have an Obama car magnet on my bumper.Folks – the car magnets stay on and the lawn sign stays up. Not that I am some true patriot or something. I sadly have to admit, I am not so certain I would be so true to my convictions if I lived in Alabama. Nothing against Alabama – but let’s face it reality is reality. I have been in manufacturing plant break rooms in Alabama where good ol’ boys openly use the N word and call black men “boy” to their face.I am not trying to make this a race thing – this goes way beyond the race thing. We are now taking a good, decent, and honest man who loves America as much as you or I – and making him into America’s worst enemy – a muslim terrorist. I really hope people can see how wrong this is. (I wouldn’t mind if they went out and got the facts either.)So now we come all the way forward to just before I began writing this bizarrely long posting. Today, finally the John McCain I used to like reappeared. He told all these angry people to just chill out. And he said these things with the sincerity and honesty that had always been one of his greatest character attributes. McCain was McCain – disregarding the awful hateful advice he has been getting from the Rove protégés he has running his campaign. It took courage to do what he did.I know what he said won’t go over well with his base. In reality, if he took what he said today and began spinning his campaign that way – I believe he would actually have a reasonable chance to win the election. Although it seems to me that today he didn’t go quite far enough and he was too slow in going as far as he did, and I also don’t believe that it can be forgotten that it was his campaign that actually started us down this very dangerous road.But – I have to say – I’m very glad that the good John McCain finally emerged. Now hopefully he’ll pull his dishonest, fear mongering, and hate inspiring campaign ads and put a muzzle on the faithful Ms. P.I felt bad for him though. I thought I saw in him a disappointment… a disappointment because it had just dawned on him that many of the people at his rally were there to be against Obama rather than be for McCain. I have to think, this isn’t the way he visualized his candidacy. Ironically – I had told a friend many months ago – if we were actually lucky enough to have Obama and McCain as the nominees, we would finally have two good choices, and finally have a campaign worthy of the American people. See – my ego isn’t so large that I can’t admit – I am sometimes wrong.Believe it or not – I could actually go on and on. But some probably fell asleep about 10 minutes ago. I would like to explain why I am for Obama more – I don’t like that so much of this was dedicated to being against McCain. I’m sorry – but this was all just getting out of hand and it’s weighed on my mind.I do want to say something about abortion quickly – it is an important issue to so many who have posted here. I did a little surfing to read more on the topic – I believe we should learn and grow – and changing your mind is not at all a bad thing necessarily. It could be viewed as wisdom?Anyway – I went to the NRL site, and Planned Parenthood and a few others. Ironically, they both use the same statistics on abortion. I have to admit, the numbers are tragic and higher than I had imagined. In response to my brother’s comments, 7% of the abortions are what they cold “hard cases” – ie. life of the mother, rape, incest. That means that 93% of the total really just boil down to a means of birth control. I do believe this is morally unjustified.And I don’t recall the exact percentage, but a large number of the 93% are repeats. In other words, many of the actual abortions are the same women over and over again. There should be practical solutions to knock this number down significantly.Again – I said it on Matt and Jen’s blog I believe – I understand the moral issue here – and I respect those that take that position. And I don’t necessarily disagree – I just believe in approaching problems through reason and believe we should be about practical solutions.Some points though in response to a few comments in other posts.I don’t believe just taking a pill the morning after does any good for the woman who finds out she has breast cancer at the same time she finds out she is pregnant with a baby she very much wanted but now has to abort or die.I believe that the emotional harm of having a baby resulting from rape and/or incest may be a life of the mother issue. I would think that for some women – having that baby would destroy their lives.Again looking at this from a practical side – assume all abortions were illegal tomorrow. What then? Do abortions stop? Do you lock up the mother for murder? The doctor? I’m not so certain that moving this back into the closet is such a good idea and actually gets you to where you want to be – which is zero abortions. According to the statistics, abortion rates have been declining since the 90’s, in part because of the work of the NRL movement and I believe probably in part to other factors like education. I think that the “when does life begin” question is important. I don’t know the answer but I don’t believe it is at conception. “The life of the flesh is in the blood” – by that definition, from the Bible – it is not at conception.One other comment to one of the posts – and honestly – everything I’ve said up until now – I’m not trying to pick on anyone – but rather just share my opinion. There are certain things including life issues which are way too big for charities to handle. They can only be handled by an organization with the resources and power of a government, and many times the federal government. Hurricane Katrina would be a very obvious example that comes to mind.Anyway – I appreciated my brother’s summary of his positions on various issues. I wish I had time to put my views down but – hey look how long it’s taken me to say so little? Can you imagine how long this would be if I had to address taxes, the economy, the role of government, war, spending, education, infrastructure, foreign policy and of course… flag pins. His arguments were well presented but I think I will remain a die-hard independent.But honestly Gary, I’m not sure how you got in the family either. I can only assume you were actually fathered by the milkman (inside joke folks).My view – yeah obviously mom is a Democrat. I am quite certain dad was also. But I never sensed either had a great interest. But I can tell you this. I used to come home from school and watch the Watergate hearings with dad. Yeah I was only 13 or 14 then – but I already had an interest in politics – and for whatever reason – he had an interest in those hearings too. But anyway – dad did tell me that he had voted for Nixon – at least in 72. I believe he voted for Reagan too.OK that’s it. I hope I didn’t bore anyone.OBAMA 08 Uncle Mike

  20. Way to go sis! I admit I didn’t read every bit of all the comments, but I think I got the gist of it. You certainly did cause a stir!The issue of abortion is an endless argument, but the point here is it is one issue among many. Many that are more relevant to running a country. I want to just give my two cents on a couple things brought up in the barrage of comments. First, Jesus did preach about charity more than anything else. Something that Obama has proven to care about his entire life. McCain appeals more to Christian conservatives, but I don’t think Jesus would agree with waging war. For any reason. And that’s just what McCain stands for. He will not be a president of peaceful resolve. He has military experience, but he believes in using force as a first option rather than a last resort. He is known for having a short temper and flying off the handle.Before any heads explode here in defense of fighting terrorism, take a moment to really consider what will happen if we “Bomb, bomb, bomb. Bomb, bomb Iran”. And doesn’t US intelligence keep saying Al-Qaeda is mainly operating out of Afghanistan and Pakistan? This is the biggest issue to me. I cannot understand how a person who considers themselves a Christian and believes in the charity and love of Jesus Christ can support an ongoing war costing thousands of lives, not to mention BILLIONS of dollars that could have gone towards helping poverty, healthcare, education, the economy, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.Jesus was persecuted by the conservative majority because he stood up for injustice and greed. That threatened the pocketbooks of those in charge.And the argument of what Obama “learned” in Muslim school is absurd. The Muslim religion is fundamentally peaceful. Just like Christianity. There are Muslim extremists who miss the mark when using violence to defend their religion, but the same goes for Christianity. However much some wish not to believe it. That’s all. May peace be with you.

  21. The main ‘right wing’ argument against Obama that I don’t understand is the Muslim thing. Even if he were a Muslim (which he is not)…Muslims are people of the Book. Just like Christians, just like Jews. The same book. And having lived among many, I assure you that they are not so different from you. Their religion, just like yours, stresses living a righteous life and helping the poor. And just like Christians and Jews, some of them are violent and extremest. I am voting for Obama because,among other reasons, my friends are coming home from Iraq with haunted eyes and broken souls. And all these innocent children that pro-lifers are so obsessed with discussing the salvation of are being burned alive by US bombs EVERY DAY. That war was and is a tragic mistake that has cost us too many lives. As for abortion, that choice should be between the woman and God. I assure you that the woman who are forced to make that choice do make it lightly..but it is between her and God. For a bunch of people who believe in “smaller government”, Republicans are sure excited about letting the government invade the body. Just some thoughts from the younger generation. my ma (lokken) forwarded this to me. Glad to hear youre on blogger, Jennifer. I’d link to mine but somehow I don’t think it would go over so well with this crowd… anyway, God bless.

  22. Hi! I saw your blog and graciously appreciate the opportunity to interject several thoughts. What comes to mind first is that the government of God is “sovereign”, ruled by ONE King. It is neither a Republic nor a Democracy. As Christians, we know that God set up the earth and earthly kingdoms as a pattern of heaven, His heavenly kingdom. This alone, should end the argument that our government is aligned with Biblical order. It is not. This is part of the reason we have seen it stray further and further away from the initial setting which was not quite plumb in the first place-over 200 years ago. Our forefathers, STATESMEN that they were, relying on the understanding they had, solidly trusted their faith to, and staked the Constitution on the Bible as the centerpiece of our heritage. Point One: Everyone was required to pitch in and do their part. Work. Guess what…there’s still work to be done. Nobody should be without a job in this country. NEXT POINT: Has anyone blogging here given half (50%) of your worldly goods to the poor? I must admit, I haven’t. Jesus asked the rich young ruler to sell ALL of his possessions and give it to the poor. He did not say the ruler should require the subjects of his kingdom to pay more (taxes) so he could, in turn, give THEIR money to the poor, but of HIS PERSONAL POSSESSIONS, Jesus asked him to give. Are we American Christians willing to do this? Are the Americans who are receiving gov’t support poor because they won’t work, or poor because they aren’t able to work? BIG DIFFERENCE. The bible speaks to this: “A man that won’t work and won’t provide for his household should not eat.” Again, we can all give to our hearts content but at some point, when we see the money going out of our own charity bucket, I think we’ll assess the situations a bit more discriminatingly. Additionally, biblically, it has never been the responsibility of “government” to provide health care. Spitritually speaking, THE RESPONSIBILITY LIES ON YOU AND ME–THE CHURCH. THAT’S WHAT JESUS SAID. He was not talking to Congress or The House of Parliment when He said to take care of the poor who will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS (underscore) be with you. THAT WAS DIRECTED AT YOU AND ME!!!! THE CHURCH! I believe our responsibility as Christians, having information that a “professing” Christian(?), and “Presidential” candidate of the United States of America has known, anti-Christian, and anti-American affiliations. He still bears his given name that suggests a proudness of anti-Christ heritage: (“Hussein” “Husayn” the name having to do with the “massacre” of a slain king and his family that caused the “split” between Shiites and the Sunnies). He verbally avoids responses concerning a stand to fight FOR, ALONG WITH, and INSURE total protection for Israel. Note that he has enjoyed a quick rise to the limelight with EXTREME and UNDENIABLE findings of monetary pay outs/offs from less than scrupulous gov’tl, quasi-gv’tl, and even terrorist organizations. Anybody picking up on a pattern here? There’s more too! John McCain is no imposter. He withstood torture in a war our gov’t wouldn’t let us win. He and several other Vietnam POW’s currently sit in gov’t offices partly to prevent that from ever happening again-that another American would not lose their life in vain. These men do not promote war, but are watchdogs, freedom fighters, against politics that would pull troops out prematurely, leaving those cultures under even greater gov’t oppression. Our exit is every bit as important as our entry. For, it will be the most memorable of the two. And, Sarah Palin is being all but burned on a stake by the press. BUT, her transparent style, and relentless display of godliness keeps her detractors on the ropes. WHAT VILE THING HAS SHE DONE THAT CAUSES THEM TO MOCK HER AND NEARLY SPIT AND CONTORT WHEN THEY SPEAK HER NAME? Jesus said, “If they have mocked me, they will mock you… FINAL POINT: America has always had and still has a huge part to play concerning providing a refuge for the Jewish people, protection for Israel, and feeding the poor through our abundance. We must know beyond a shadow of doubt that whoever goes in as President of our great nation, WILL STAND WITH ISRAEL AT ALL COSTS. THIS IS GOD’S COMMAND ON US AS CHRISTIANS. PRAY FOR ISRAEL. IT IS BUT FOR THEM THAT THOSE OF US WHO WERE GENTILES HAVE BEEN GRAFTED INTO THE VINE. WE MUST KNOW WHO WE ARE AT THIS HOUR. AND WE MUST KNOW WHO WE ARE VOTING INTO PLACES OF AUTHORITY. I pray that we continuously seek to dwell in the midst of the Comforter, embrace His power, and be led by the Holy Spirit of God. LAST FINAL POINT: I hope my passion doesn’t come off as ranting or unloving. If so, please forgive me and know my heart is for us Christians to be more unified in thought and spirit, but that by God’s way, not ours, nor via media spins. I am hopeful that we can see beyond partisan politics and network broadcasters and look to God, our source for His wisdom now-and always. And, Leslie, I love your post-brings this morbidly inhumane act gruesomely into focus. thanks so much Kathy Mac

  23. Way to go Jennifer for thinking it through. It has been my experience that most people I know who really work with the poor and needy find themselves voting in such a way that helps to ensure a more just society and economy and one that seeks to prevent the exploitation of others. I frankly am tired of the accusations that if someone votes as a democrat they are not a Believer or not Patriotic. It is time for some humble, civil and respectful discourse in our churches and in our society and politics.

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