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Mushy brain ramblings

I haven’t been much in the mood for blogging this week. Y’all wore me out last week. My brain hurts, and I will NEVER, EVER bring up politics again on my blog. Cheers for all of us for thinking and reasoning out our votes, but good grief! I’m pooped.

So several things have been happening around here, and I’m only up for the brief synopsis…

First lost tooth. FINALLY! Griffin came downstairs the next morning and said, “Mom, there’s something really sad…”

My face goes white.

“The Tooth Fairy didn’t leave me any money.”

Somehow, magically, as only a Tooth Fairy could pull off, the money appeared under his pillow as he was getting a band-aid on his foot before breakfast. Said money will go directly into the Therapy Jar.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Shouldn’t these dishes be in the dishwasher? Yeah, I guess they should be – if the (three year old) dishwasher were WORKING!

Nathan rides a tricycle. The same one he got for his second birthday – a year and a half ago. It has been sitting in our garage – broken – for well over a year, and at last, it is fixed. A 3 1/2 year old should not struggle riding a trike, but I suppose most 3 1/2 year olds have had more practice than Nathan. It took him a day, but after that, he was tearing up the sidewalk.

We went over to Madison & Alana’s to see them – well, mostly to see Jackson. He is not even a month old and is over 10 lbs! I think he’s bigger than our other nephew who was born in June! We all fought over holding and snuggling him. He’s the sweetest thing.

Home Makeover 2008. This truly could be a post unto itself. Or an entire blog. Or a book. (But noooo, y’all had to turn my brain to tar with all your political reasonings…I’m kidding, of course. Sort of.) So each year, our church picks four families who need some help, and we go in over a weekend and completely gut their homes and remodel. Just like the TV show. We were out of town last year, but we jumped at the chance to participate this year. It was so amazing. A couple hundred of us went to this house, painted the entire interior, painted the outside trim, completely sodded the backyard and landscaped the front and back, built a garden, gave them all new furniture and decor, new kitchen cabinets, counters & appliances, all new flooring…it was a complete overhaul. The families got to stay in a hotel for the weekend and go to Six Flags (both of which they have never done before), then came home in a limo on Saturday night to a “new” home. I loved being a part of something so special. That’s the short version.

So there’s the summary of the last few weeks. Maybe after my brain and my body recover (I’m still really sore and tired from the Home Makeover weekend), then I will have the creative juices to post something a little more meaty. Right now, I need to go hand-wash all the dishes in my kitchen sink. Ptooey.


4 thoughts on “Mushy brain ramblings

  1. Btw – our dishwasher went out about 6 months ago – got the LG brand and it is FABULOUS – pretty sad when I start getting excited about clean dishes!

  2. that home-makeover thing is really cool thing for your church to do! I’m really impressed.just think of hand-washing dishes as a form of meditation. uh, or prayer, to me more doctrinally correct.=)

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