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Urgent input needed

I’m serious. This really is urgent.

Together with our friends, the Packwoods, Michael and I own about 12 acres of woods in our little town. We are planning to build a house on 2 acres and develop and sell the rest. We have a plat ready to submit to the city so we can move forward with this little project, but we need a name.

Hence, the aforementioned request for urgent input.

We’ve narrowed it down to two, and Michael has informed me that the decision is mine. Obviously after being together for 16 years, he doesn’t yet know that I don’t like to be in charge and be the decision maker. So that’s where I need you to come in. Really soon … ’cause I think they’re waiting for me to make a decision.

Option #1: Karis Creek. Karis is a Greek word meaning “grace,” and there is a small creek on the end of the property, but not all of the lots will have creek access. Through this entire process of getting this land, God’s grace and favor has been abundantly evident. We are humbled.

Option #2: Asher Woods. Asher is a Hebrew word meaning “happy/blessed.” Most of the property is heavily wooded, but not all of it. Our dream for our house and for our little neighborhood is for God’s blessing and joy to abound, and that those who come there – whether to live or to visit – will know His love and favor.

If you’d like the story behind this whole project, you can read about it here and here.

Get into the election spirit and vote now for your favorite name! (Puhhhh-leeeeese get me off the hook here!) Thanks bloggy friends!


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