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And the winner is…

The votes are 4-3 for Karis Creek. Then I talked to Gretchen, who likes Asher Woods (she needs a little Asher these days!). So essentially, it’s a tie.

Well, crap.

Eric’s original vote was for Karis Creek, and Michael likes Asher Woods.

Still a tie. Double crap.

So I’m back where we started, which is like asking me to pick my favorite child since I came up with both of these names and I like them both.

I think God is trying to tell me that it doesn’t really matter!! Either way, this land is still His land, and our house is still His house. What’s in a name? Would an Asher by any other name smell as sweet?

But when we narrowed down the list, my first choice was Karis Creek, so Karis Creek it is.

Thanks for your input! Now if the stock market would just take a nice little upturn, we might actually be able to start building this house!


One thought on “And the winner is…

  1. If I had read on Monday, (I was at the doctor finding out I have bronchitis!) I would have voted for Karis Creek as well…but really because I’m partial to Greek..and I loathe Hebrew.

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