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Let the race begin

The last week or so has been something of a blur. My mom commented to me that maybe now things will slow down. Um, hello? Holidays? I think I will breathe again…oh, around January. But that’s ok. It’s all good. I’m determined not to wear black again on Christmas Day. Breathe…

Here are a couple of fun things that have been going on around here. Halloween was lots of fun, and we’ll be finishing off the candy around Easter. The kids had a great time trick-or-treating around our neighborhood with their friends and the dads (I passed out candy at home while taking advantage of no-kid time and watching the episode of Private Practice I recorded this week. Watch, pause, answer door, repeat.)

After a late night of candy snatching, we dragged ourselves out of bed early Saturday morning and drove to Waco for Baylor’s Homecoming. Of note, Michael and I started dating at Homecoming sixteen years ago. Who knew?

We spent the day with our good friends, Brent & Tiffani Harris and their kiddos. I can’t remember the last time we had an entire day to hang out together! We watched the parade, ran into old friends, went to Coke Hour (which is now “Dr. Pepper Hour”) at the student union building and ate our ice cream floats (a long-standing Baylor tradition – they have DP Hour every Tuesday afternoon, which is another reason Meghan is “so going to Baylor”). We saw the bears, bought t-shirts, then grabbed lunch and had a picnic behind the new children’s museum. We played at the museum for the rest of the afternoon, which was SO fun. Man, Baylor is so much cooler now than when we were students!

Now that Halloween is behind us, the race to New Year’s begins. I’d better go fill up my water bottle.


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