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I woke up this morning wide awake and ready to go (which, believe me, is highly unusual). It’s a brand new day.

It’s Election Day!

I got Meghan and Griffin off to school, fixed Nathan’s breakfast and got him ready to go, dressed myself and (oh, glorious day) fixed my hair and put on some make-up. Five minutes before we left, my cousin Rachel called (actually a distant cousin, but I don’t know what she’s officially called. Her mom and my dad are 1st cousins), and she shared with me her excitement about what this day would hold.

It was contagious. I left the house with a sense that I was going to jump out of my skin. There was just something in the air – it was almost electric.

Change is coming.

One way or another, the country will be different tomorrow morning. We will turn a page and move on.

I can hardly stand it!

(And regardless of the end result, the campaign will be OVER! Oh, Lord, please let it be over. I’m going to crawl into a hole if we have a repeat of the Bush-Gore fiasco.)

I’m inspired by the passion and the response that has come from this election. I’m inspired by the excruciatingly long lines and the Americans who willingly wait in them without complaint. I read that our county is predicting an 80% voter turnout. Eighty percent!! That is unheard of! But, by golly, there it is. We are ready for a change, and we want our voices heard.

I’m slightly amused by one observation I made this morning. There is a polling place right around the corner from our house. When I left this morning, there were many political signs legally posted outside the boundary line promoting candidates from both parties. When I returned later, several of those signs from a particular party had strangely disappeared. I’m amused because otherwise I would be infuriated – and it’s easier to laugh at idiocy than to get mad. (I’ve laughed a lot lately.)

That’s all for now. I will try to respectfully contain myself and keep my mouth closed after the results are finalized. This is, after all, Texas.

Just know that I am electrically giddy!


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