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The Case for Civility

This is Os.
This is Os’ book.
Both are inspiring.
Os Guinness spoke at our church yesterday morning, and I think I nodded my head in agreement throughout his entire sermon. He spoke of three “public squares” of society: the “naked square,” which wants to remove all religion from public life; the “sacred public square” (religious right), which gives “a preferred place in public life to one religion” without respecting the freedoms of those who believe differently; and the “civil public square,” which respects all people and their beliefs while still holding to the Truth they believe themselves. This civility says that what is freedom for one is a freedom for all. Those in the civil public square engage in respectful, meaningful dialogue with those who differ in their beliefs. Michael calls this “the Christian Middle,” and that is where we want to be.

We bought Mr. Guinness’ book, and I can’t wait to dive into it. At the risk of misunderstanding or sounding like a blathering idiot, I don’t want to write too much here before reading his book, but based on what I heard yesterday morning, I anticipate affirmation of what I’ve been thinking lately.

Let me know if you want to read along with me!

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