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Advent, Devotionals, and "Redemption"

You gotta love technology.

Right here, just for you, I have a hot-off-the-presses copy of Advent family devotional booklet that I hacked to bits edited with giddiness and joy:

Presented to you, for your family bonding and spiritually enlightening pleasure…

I have to add a funny little footnote here. After I finished the crazy editing process on this booklet, I edited my friend Melody’s thesis. On the last page, she wrote a beautiful paragraph comparing the process of editing with God’s redemption: taking something messed up and useless and turning it into something beautiful and praiseworthy. I liked that. As Madeleine L’Engle said, the “artist” is a co-creator with the Creator.

So Michael suggested that the back of the booklet should say, “Jennifer Hunt, Redeemer” 🙂

Oooohhhhh…he’s gonna be burned at the stake for that one!


One thought on “Advent, Devotionals, and "Redemption"

  1. Can’t wait to go through this. Glad you posted it!! By the way, sorry we missed you last week. I was sick with bronchitis and figured you and Stacey would not appreciate me around your kids!

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