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Ice day, shmice day

Ice day! Yippee! We all get to stay home! Fun!

Um, no.

Ice days are fun when you have healthy kids and a healthy husband and you can play outside and play with your friends and fully enjoy a day of rest.

Vomit and fevers and earaches and coughing and runny noses do not fit into this happy picture.

The good news is that the kids won’t miss anything and won’t need a note from home excusing the absence, and we’re all having a self-proclaimed pajama day. The bad news is that we’re wasting a perfectly good ice day and that I’m running around fetching juice and ibuprofen and kleenex and cleaning up vomit off the carpet (don’t just stand there puking! get to the bathroom, son!), when really I just want to sit down and read my book. The really bad news is that everyone will be home again tomorrow when my cleaning lady was supposed to come, so she’s coming next week instead.

Well, crap.

I know – poor, poor me.

I’m really whiny, aren’t I?

Really, it’s fine. Just not what I expected from an ice day.

Deep breath.

After I go back upstairs to blot the carpet cleaning spray, I’m going to snuggle up (not too close) with my feverish, congested, achy kids and watch Horton Hears a Who.

It may just be a good day after all.


2 thoughts on “Ice day, shmice day

  1. I totally agree – this “not really an ice day” business is for the birds. Although I am thankful no one is puking in my house, my children are acting as though they have lost their minds, my dog has literally dug a hole to the other side of Denton Highway in my backyard, my gym was closed this morning and I just found out T-Kids is canceled. Seriously, the Lord MUST know how badly I need for my kids to be at church tonight!!! And, um, the Arbonne lady keeps calling…

  2. You’re right – that wasn’t a good ice day. So sorry everyone’s been sick … sure hope everyone’s better soon! Did you manage to avoid it?

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