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Who knew a stomach bug could make me so nostalgic?

My number was up.

Really, how did I expect to take care of three sick kids and a sick husband last week and NOT get infected?

The good news is that my body waited until the weekend to refuse all food but Multi-Grain Cheerios and Cherry 7-UP, which my loving husband so dutifully served me while simultaneously keeping our three children alive while I moaned and whined on my 400-thread count sheets, and more good news is that all three of my children are at school today, so I can fully recover in my pajamas, sans responsibility.

I probably should get dressed eventually.

But here’s something I mulled over as I lay dying (apologies to Mr. Faulkner): my kids are growing too quickly, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

Michael and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary on December 29, and we went out for a yummy dinner at Brio. While we were there, he casually handed me an envelope every few minutes with a sticky note and a $20 bill. On each sticky note was a single word. He kept handing me envelopes until I had received all thirteen. Thirteen. You know, for our anniversary?

Stay with me – I do have a point.

Each word was part of a sentence that I had to put together once I received all 13 notes. He has always done sweet and thoughtful things like that. I just love him.

So he tells me later that the thirteen $20 bills are to pay for something I’ve wanted for a long time: to transfer all of our 8 mm home movies onto DVD. Our 8 mm camera broke before we moved, so I haven’t seen any of these movies in over five years. And our kids have done a lot of growing in that time.

Thanks to the friendly folks at Costco (love that place), we are now the proud owners of about 26 hours of home movies.

Popcorn, anyone?

Stay with me – I’m getting there.

So last week while the kids were home sick, we popped in a DVD or two. I was floored. The first one was of Meghan when she was not quite 2 years old.

And this one – taken in the hospital after Griffin was born – could win a prize on America’s Funniest Home Videos…

What happened to my babies? How did I end up with a 10 year old girl and a 7 year old boy? How did they transform from a curly-headed dancer in the living room and ripping one on daddy’s lap to dance recitals and ripping it up on the soccer field?

But then there’s Nathan. Nathan is now older than either one of them were in these videos, but he still has his little-boy speech impediment and silliness and cuddles. I snuggled with all three of my kids this weekend (and loved every second of it), but I’m even more aware of and more thankful for the short time I have with Nathan while he is still little. It is gone too quickly, I realized. I want to soak in every second.

I can’t even start thinking about all of my kids getting even older than they are now. I started to think about it, but I had to stop.

So now it’s time for me to pick up Nathan at preschool (I did get dressed, by the way, while the videos were uploading), and I’m going to squeeze him extra-tight, listen to his endless chatter about Rodeo Day, read him a story, and wait for the Big Kids to come home from school – and repeat. Maybe we’ll even turn on some music in the living room and busta move.

Oh…and charge up the batteries in the camcorder.


4 thoughts on “Who knew a stomach bug could make me so nostalgic?

  1. Michael’s awesome. It really does go too quickly … you could join us and have another one just to prolong the late night feedings and diaper changes, I mean nostalgia.

  2. we need some ore of those to be posted…and soon! of course, that will probably obligate me to several hours of ping pong at some point. 🙂

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