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Plugging along

Still here. Still breathing – and exhaling.

The week has actually flown by. I woke up on Friday morning and realized we had survived the week! Having the kids in school definitely helped my sanity, and Meghan was at Sky Ranch with her 4th grade class for the second half of the week. It’s amazing how much difference one less child makes! I’m really tired by the end of the day, but overall, it’s gone amazingly well. Grace, grace, and more grace.

So we’re plugging along, and I count it as a success that I’ve only totally lost it twice – both times with Nathan, my completely unreasonable cuddlebug. Irrational screaming two times during a full week of husbandlessness isn’t too bad…right?


Michael took some kind of international cell phone with him, and he buys some sort of phone card while he’s there, so I get to talk to him at least once – sometimes twice – a day, which also really helps. There’s a 12 hour time difference, so when I talk to him in the morning, I ask “How was your day?” and at night, “How did you sleep?” It’s a little bizarre, but at least I don’t have to mentally calculate what time it is in his world. In the midst of everything else, at least I don’t have to do math in my head. He tells me that the trip has gone really well – he’s operated twice and given a couple of lectures to the doctors there, and they spent one day working at the orphanage. He also mentioned this morning that he really should do all of his shopping at the beginning of the trip because he really misses me by the end and buys me all sorts of goodies.

As it should be.

I’m not complaining.

OK, maybe just a little complaining.

I had planned for the kids and I to spend the afternoon with my parents yesterday. We met them for lunch and went to see their new house, and I was planning for us to go back to their current rental house after that and hang out…but it just wasn’t worth it. “Wild animals disguised as children,” remember? So we came home early, and I fell asleep on the couch while the boys played a game in the same room. Yep, that’s right. They played, laughed, screeched, argued. I fell asleep. I was really, really tired.

That was the second time this week I fell asleep in the same room while my kids played.

So far, we have avoided any trips to Urgent Care, although Griffin did get his toenail caught in a door that he was opening, and it was pretty sore for a few days. He woke up two nights in a row around midnight, which was not good for anyone.

On the third night, we lost our power in the middle of the night. I got this story the next morning:

Nathan woke up crying because it was dark. Griffin got in bed with him and told him not to be afraid because the Bible says that God is always with us, and He is our light. But Griffin needed his ice pack and his toe-propping pillow, so he told Nathan that he needed to go back to his own bed. Nathan cried some more, but Griffin stayed with him a few more minutes, and eventually they both went back to sleep.

Now I have very good reasons to be very thankful. 1) My tenderhearted son loves his baby brother; 2) He really does hear me when we teach him about God’s provision and love; 3) He didn’t wake me up.

Because there is just not quite enough drama in my life, I decided to get a haircut. I told Shelli, The World’s Greatest Hairdresser, that I was considering two options: trim it up and do the same old thing; or something a little more dramatic. Shelli’s face lit up. An hour and a half later…

Yes, that is me later that night, taking my own picture in my bathroom mirror. I felt utterly ridiculous, but really – what are my options here?

In any case, I love the cut – super sassy and stylish, and very easy to fix. I can feel un-frumpy in a matter of minutes with the help of this:Is it a hairbrush? Is it a hairdryer?


Love it. Anything to simplify my life.

Two more days…


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