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Attention all Idol fans…

Our family has been successfully sucked into American Idol. Tuesday and Wednesday nights are designated family bonding time with AI, and we each have our faves (I’m personally a Danny fan, and we all think Adam is a little freaky). We haven’t reached mania to the point of actually voting yet, but we sure do love some AI drama each week. Give us a few rounds and we’ll be hitting that redial button faster than you can say pitchy.

My favorite family AI bonding moment was when Nathan saw Bikini Girl during the auditions and commented, “Oooh, she’s weally nekked.”

Quality family programming, I know. Instilling high standards and family values one episode at a time.

But fer sure, this is one of the funniest things I’ve read all week.

And you won’t want to miss this blogger’s weekly AI update. She is a hoot!

Excuse me, please. I must now join the family for the Slaughter and Eliminate with a Side of Highly Caloric Filler weekly episode.


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