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Suckerrrrr! (um, that would be me)

Last night around 5:30ish, Michael calls me from his cell phone.

“You want the good news or the bad news?”

Which is never a good thing.

“The good news is that I’m in the car. The bad news is that A (his business partner) is on-call and got sick, so he asked me to cover for him, and I just got called in on an open globe.”

(Open globe: n., an eyeball that has been ripped open. Translation: very long surgery; put my dinner in the fridge, don’t wait up.)

“Oh. OK. Well, that’s fine. I’ll take the kids to church then.” (Thinking: Well, crap. Time to eat my words. Must. Be. Supportive.)

(Insert maniacal laughter.) “APRIL FOOLS!”

He got me. Real good.


7 thoughts on “Suckerrrrr! (um, that would be me)

  1. Congratulations, Michael! That was a good one! BTW, you got me too being that I was on the other line when Jen clicked over! She told me what you had called about and I actually believed it too! It has happened too many times! Never expect anything is absolutely going to happen the way you plan! 😉

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