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It’s all (good) stuff.

So I’m just wondering What the heck did we do wrong?!? Since Easter, Michael wrecked his car, our washing machine flooded our living room, we had to pay out the wha-zoo for carpet repair, then we had to pay for a washing machine repairman to tell us there is absolutely nothing wrong with the washing machine (resulting in a pile of towels on the floor every time I do a load of laundry…just in case), then Michael falls through the ceiling, and that repairman is coming at 8:00 a.m. on the first non-school morning of the summer, and then our fence fell over.

Oh, and all that business about Saturday – well, we thought for a while that the city wasn’t going to approve our plans for developing our land, which put us in a big ol’ pickle, the very least of our problems being the inability to build a house.

Then I realize last night that we haven’t paid the balance on our vacation rental home, which was due about – oh, a month ago – so I went to bed thinking that our grand vacation plans were totally shot andwewon’tgetourdepositbackandwherewillwegoforvacation
andhowcanweeverplansomethingonsuchshortnoticeand willeveryoneforgivemeforbeingsostupidandnotwritingdown

It wasn’t a good night’s sleep.

(Rest assured, I talked to the homeowner tonight, and he was very, very nice and understanding and merciful, and all the vacation plans are still on.)

But going back to my original point. What next?

It’s a scary thought.

I voiced my fear to Michael last night, and Great King of Perspective that he is, he reminded me that it could indeed be much worse. And all of these insignificant problems (though they sure don’t seem insignificant at the time) are just things. Unimportant stuff.

The land debacle is on its way to being resolved. (still no guarantee, but we’re hopeful) The fence was repaired by our neighbor’s son-in-law, so we didn’t even have to hire a contractor. The other stuff – well, it’s just that. Stuff. It doesn’t really matter.

Some good friends of ours are having some very serious marital problems. Other friends of ours have very sick kids with illnesses that won’t ever go away. Those are serious issues. Those are things worthy of worry.

Our stuff? Inconvenient. A bit of a headache. A little expensive.

But really not a big deal.

Maybe this is God’s way of reminding us that all of the “things” in life don’t really matter. Maybe He is telling us that we need to get a little perspective. We have it pretty good.

And just when I think I’m ready to pull out all my hair (gray ones first), I look up from the computer and see this:

I haven’t laughed so hard in a really, really long time.

It’s all good.


4 thoughts on “It’s all (good) stuff.

  1. You’re so right. I try to remind myself of that same thought – fighting kids, house repairs, frustrating moments are all nothing in hindsight. I’ll take those any day over life-changing issues like sick kids and marital problems. It’s hard to keep perspective at the time but that’s what’s needed.And the video of Michael? It made me laugh out loud too.

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