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My resignation

It’s been quite a week. Again. As if last week’s drama wasn’t enough.

The fans are gone, the carpet is repaired, the furniture has returned to its original positions. All the books still aren’t on the shelves yet, but we’re getting there.

I bought this:

And, oh yeah, I quit my job.

My resignation only lasted about 12 hours because my support staff realized they couldn’t function without me. No one else can make PB&J like I can, you know. But it was a pretty ugly day without me. I turned in my letter after a certain ten year old requested that I “back off,” and another certain seven year old kept yelling at me and arguing with me.

Not a very hospitable work environment.

So I quit.

I’ll spare you the ugly details.

After much weeping and waling and gnashing of teeth, I reluctantly agreed to resume my position. However, they’re all on probation.

I considered negotiating a raise (or at least a new washing machine), but since I don’t draw a salary in the first place, there wasn’t much room for compromise – and my boss is pretty tight with the corporate budget.

However, a once-weekly babysitter has been recruited for job-sharing, and I’ll use that time for grocery shopping (alone), conference times with Ms. Ann Taylor (at her Loft), and deep breathing.

I can’t wait for annual reviews.


7 thoughts on “My resignation

  1. Hilarious. I thought about quitting this week as well but since Phil's traveling, the kids really would've been left high and dry. Not sure they would've made it.I think the water alarm may have been your smartest investment yet.

  2. Hilarious! I love it! I haven't resigned … YET… but I have taken a "sick day" that no one was real happy about. I just simply refused to leave the comfort of my bed and the occasional bubble bath for an entire day and it was BLISS!

  3. That's awesome. We're obviously deep in the trenches of summer vacation! Glad to hear you negotiated some time at Ms. Taylor's…she's probably missing us both! 🙂

  4. hysterical, Jen! I took a leave of absence on Friday, so good to take an extended lunch break and a motion picture conference to restore my sanity! I am right there with you!Wait till the teenage years! Only 3 more years!

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