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Victories all around

I’ve been avoiding my computer lately. It is an evil lover. It draws me to itself, luring me in, then won’t let me go. I have a hard time prying myself away from its tenacious grasp, so I just have to turn it off. I have too many other things to do.

Which explains my blogging absence lately. But I do appreciate you and your reading what I have to say, so I wanted to stop in and say hello. Hi. I’m still here. Haven’t had a lot of time to sit and write lately, but the wheels haven’t stopped turning in my twisted little head.

The most significant development in the Hunt home last week was the clearing of an enormous hurdle in the Quest to Build Our House. After a solid year of ping-pong negotiations, we finally won the approval of the city council, which means we are cleared to apply for building permits for our house and free to start marketing the additional acreage to sell.

Which just goes to prove that God the Father is ridiculously patient with me. Even after I throw pitiful temper tantrums and question His goodness and His love for me, He still chooses to bless us. Unfathomable.

We met our builder out at the land last week to look at the roped-off footprint of the house. Use your imagination:

view from the dining room:

view from the master bedroom:


view from the rocker on the front porch:

Just to forewarn you: I’m going to be taking a lot of pictures and blogging about the progress – not to bore you but for my own record. Sorry if it’s a little self-serving. But I finally got caught up on my scrapbooks to the point when I started blogging (ahem, about a year & a half ago!), and I love cutting-and-pasting my journaling from the blog to my page!

In other news, Nathan is learning to swim. He’s been going to swim lessons for the last week and has a few more days to go. It’s been hilarious – not because he’s that great of a swimmer (yet), but because of how he has responded to the lessons in comparison with the other two little girls who are in his class.

One darling little red-headed girl is a first-born. She’s understandably a little nervous about the whole put-your-face-in-the-water thing. She doesn’t like to pretend to float. She doesn’t want to blow bubbles. This is all new for her.

Another little toe-head blonde girl, like Nathan, is the baby of the family. She has a big brother who is around nine years old, I would guess. She and Nathan take turns screaming, “Watch me!” and throwing themselves in the water. They both float and blow bubbles and use their kickers and scoopers like nobody’s business.

My theory is that they have watched their older siblings swim like fish for quite a while.

I completely sympathize with the mom of the first-born red head when she is attempting to reason with and bribe her daughter into cooperation. Meghan had the same fear at her age. (Meghan, who recently won a gold medal in backstroke at the championship swim meet.) When you think about it, it makes total sense. Those first-borns haven’t seen anyone their size venture the great unknown of that scary water. The babies are just trying to keep up and do everything that their older siblings are doing (sometimes a little sooner than we would like).

It’s just funny. That whole birth-order thing. It’s got some merit.

In the meantime, Meghan (as I just mentioned) kicked some serious flipper at her last swim meet of the summer. Not only did she win 1st place in backstroke (and shaved off 7 seconds from the first meet of the summer), she and her medley relay team took home a gold medal, she took 4th place in the 50 m freestyle and 6th place in the freestyle relay.

Griffin’s soccer team won their championship game last weekend, 8-3.

(My apologies again – all this is more self-serving information. There’s no way I’m going to remember all of these details by the time they make their way into our scrapbook. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be working on those pages when Meghan reaches high school. Ugh.)

So there ya go. Watch for another Survivor Saturday article this weekend. I’ll be looking around for inspired ideas and writing topics between now and then.

Have a great week.


3 thoughts on “Victories all around

  1. Never apologize for self-serving posts … it's your blog. Brag a little. :)I'm so happy that the land situation is working out … I can't imagine the relief you must feel and the happiness you must have that your dream house will actually come to fruition.

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