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No, your computer is not wigging out on you…

…you’re in the right place. I’m just changing things up a bit. When I was a teenager, I think I rearranged my bedroom furniture every other month (which is not easy to do in a 12×12 room) just for the sake of change (and when my heart was broken by a stupid boy and I needed to seriously rearrange my life so I started with my furniture…but that’s neither here nor there).

“From the Corner of My Couch” was the title of my column in our local MOPS newsletter. I had a blast putting together the newsletter every two weeks and writing my column. Total blast. It was such a great creative outlet for me. However, I decided last spring that I was not going to return to MOPS this year. I think the 1/2 hour speech on infant carseat safety did me in. I realized then that I had seriously outgrown MOPS. I love, love, love MOPS – but that season is over for me.

But since I’ve outgrown MOPS and therefore must pass along my newsletter-writing crown, I can’t write FTCOMC any more. Which is sad.

But I can’t let such a great name just lay down and die. So I’m renaming my blog.

When I started the blog (just to prove that a mom of 3 can), it was more of a here’s-what-my-kids-are-doing-this-week kind of thing. Gradually I started using it as a writing outlet, including FTCOMC articles, and lately it’s morphing even further into even greater things. I’m totally flabbergasted by the whole Lives of Doctor’s Wives and Survivor Saturdays gig. I love these sweet, struggling women so much, and I’m amazed at how all the life lessons I’ve learned during Michael’s training can be so encouraging for these ladies. And as my kids get older, I’m able to relate some of my parenting experience to younger moms as well. Some other opportunities are landing in my lap, so I think it’s time to broaden the scope of the title.

Oh, don’t worry. Just because I’m changing the name doesn’t mean I’m not going to be as sassy and random and self-deprecating as I have been before. ‘Cause really – what’s in a name? Even if it is such a cute little name. I like it. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “No, your computer is not wigging out on you…

  1. I, of course, LOVE IT! I feel like I am sitting right there with you! Wish I were! Think of how many uninterrupted conversations we could have in our future as our little darlings are all leaving our houses to go to school and talk to OTHER people! :)Love ya,Gretch

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