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Adventures of a Mom Who Needs Her Children to Go To School Very Soon

Have I mentioned that school cannot start soon enough?

Three months is a veeeerrrrryyyy long time to spend with your children. I love them and all, but sheesh. Mama needs a break.

As part of the back-to-school frenzy, we took Nathan to his well-check exam this morning. At 7:30 a.m. Six months after his birthday. Because we need the release form and shots so he can go to preschool and give Mama a break.

Did I mention the appointment was scheduled for 7:30 a.m.? And that one part I do love ever-so-much about summer is all the sleeping in?

Yeah, I know. That’s all about to change.

So I wake up the boys at 7:10 so they can go potty and get into the car by 7:15 and eat baggy-fulls of dry cereal while sipping warm juice boxes.

(I’m not the only one who likes to sleep. They come by it honestly.)

Of course, Nathan’s pajamas are a little wet, so he needs to change into clothes, and the potty always takes longer than it should, as do shoes and walking and just getting out of bed in the first place…so we’re late. We leave the house at 7:28 to drive 10 minutes across town and get there by 7:30.

Math, according to Jennifer.

We finally got to the doctor’s office and checked in, and when the front desk receptionist called, “For Nathan?” I knew that she needed my insurance card, so I took it up to the desk. But instead of a warm, “Thank you,” she looked at my quizzically and said, “Um, Dr. F is at the other office today.”

Well, crap.

So we jump back in the Loser Cruiser and speed across town for 20 minutes to the other office. I had it written on my calendar. At some point, I knew that is where we needed to go. But somehow that information was lost in the vast recesses of my brain.

(Ah, recess. Next week they’ll go to recess!)

Thankfully, the second office location is not only relatively new, but it is also exponentially less busy. Add that to the fact that we were (supposed to be) his first appointment – well, I didn’t feel as guilty now.

I was trying to ignore the memories of my husband coming home from work grumbling about his patients who were late and pushed his schedule back. Maybe Dr. F wouldn’t notice if we were a tad late.

I had two things working in my favor: 1) Dr. F is really, really nice, and 2) Dr. F refers all of his patients to Michael.

The first thing he did when he came in to the exam room was apologize for my confusion in going to the wrong office.

So he did notice. (Insert foul language muttered under my breath.)

But once he realized that Nathan’s dad is The Doctor Hunt, he apologized for his staff not working us in at the other office while we were there.

He’s so nice.

I (very briefly) wondered if – since he thinks so highly of my husband – I should have bothered brushing my hair and putting on some makeup forcryingoutloud and worn something a little nicer than my workout gear.

I looked in the mirror when we got home and decided I was cute enough without makeup on.

Or maybe my eyes were still a little bleary from all the waking up at 7:00 a.m.

I have three more days to sleep. Then, my friends, there will be much rejoicing…after I wake up from my mid-morning nap.


2 thoughts on “Adventures of a Mom Who Needs Her Children to Go To School Very Soon

  1. Oh, so that is a benefit of being married to a stud doctor, huh? You can be late and the doctor actually apologizes to you that you weren't accomodated. LOL! Brad is in the wrong field! :o)

  2. Congrats! All of yours will be in school. I was wondering how you were going to get that mid morning nap!I'm planning on changing our 7 o'clock rule to an 8 o'clock rule for the weekend. You cannot come out of your room until there is an 8 on the clock. 8am sounds blissful right now. When do they start sleeping later?? Both of mine are early birds.

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