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Organized schmorganized

The summer is such a great time to relax. No real schedule. Lots of sleeping. Lots of relaxing.

Though by the end, I’m ready for a little more routine. A little more predictability. A little more consistency.

I do appreciate the school year. Every week, we have the same lessons, the same practices, the same places to be at the same times. Every week. Predictable. Consistent.

Insanely busy, but predictable.

I’m having a little trouble with the transition, though. Our crazy schedule demands the routine, but my brain is still in relaxation mode. La, la, la, la…

I’m getting there. I actually made a to-do list this week and crossed off several items. But finding the right time slot for each item and then getting it done has been a challenge. And I really want more time to sit down and write, to catch up on make a small dent in the old scrapbook, to read some delicious new books. But that time absolutely must be slotted and specified, or else I will waste away the day on Facebook or iTunes. Or worse, laundry.

(Who needs clean socks anyway?)

(All right. Fine. I’ll still do the laundry.)

So here we go. I need to sit down with my calendar on Sunday afternoon, figure out what I need to do and where I need to be that week, what we’re going to eat (you mean we can’t have cereal or spaghetti every night?!?), and plan it all out.

Here we go. Really. I mean it this time. I am determined to be organized. Seriously.

Good thing I can’t be fired.


One thought on “Organized schmorganized

  1. Good luck! Maybe you even inspired me to do it too. Maybe if I felt like I had some control over my schedule then I would be less grumpy about it. Maybe I would even find sometime to do something for myself that isn't at 9:30 at night (when I'm exhausted) after the kids are in bed. Maybe…

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