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Rain, rain, come to stay!

We’ve had some serious rain issues this year. As in, we haven’t had any. Then, on Labor Day weekend, the rain came. And came. And came. And kept coming.

Can you say HALLELUJAH?!?

I don’t think we’ve had too many days in the last three weeks that we haven’t had at least a few sprinkles, and when it hasn’t rained, it’s been cloudy and slightly cooler. “Cooler,” “September” and “Texas” are not often found within the same sentence.

Except, of course, last weekend, when Griffin had an outdoor soccer game and it was back up to 90 degrees and sunny and we all got sunburned and Meghan was melting and asking to go home because she was about to die but Griffin scored a goal and made a great assist so it was almost worth all the heat and the mud of course because it had been raining for three weeks.


The weekend before was crazy-busy with Griffin’s birthday party (a month after his actual birthday), and another party for Nathan’s friend, and another soccer game – and that was just Saturday.

How exactly did my life get so busy?

So between birthday parties, we had about an hour to kill, and it was pouring down rain – no thunder or lightning but lots of rain – and the kids asked to go outside and play in the rain.

I thought. I considered. (I needed a few moments of quiet after two hours at Chuck E. Cheese.)

Sure, why not?

I’m not sure how many moms would say no to such a request. I know I am not always the most cautious and protective mom in the world. I’m more of a get-out-there-and-take-some-chances kind of mom. Definitely more of a natural consequences kind of mom. Most often a do-it-yourself-please-do-I-look-like-your-servant? kind of mom. But in the case of some cold rain and big puddles, I didn’t see the harm.

And let me tell you, they had a BLAST.

Michael assures me, as a physician, that kids do not get sick from being wet and cold. The reason kids get sick in cooler weather is most often because they are inside more, sharing germs and breathing recirculated air. So what harm can a little rain do?

(Although Nathan and his Reactive Airway Disease did wake up on Sunday morning barking like a dog, but it wasn’t anything our good friend, Mr. Albuterol, couldn’t handle.)

I think these are the things my kids will remember when they are old. (The playing in the rain, not the barking.) I hope when they are grown with their own children and grandchildren, they will remember kicking up the water and laughing hysterically with their brother and sister. I hope they will remember being happy.

‘Cause sometimes, when life gives you driving rain, you just have to splash in the puddles.


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